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Samples of Gluten Free Oats

Hello, I'm James from Delicious Alchemy we just wanted to share with you our recently launch free product giveaway of gluten free oats, if you head to our Facebook page before Sunday you can claim a free sample, we hope you find it helpful.

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Why do all these gluten free cereals cost so much? Am I just stupid, or are we being taken for a ride?


Maybe wheat's cheap? So gluten containing cereal is cheap.

I don't know, but I agree... The GF cereals are generally extremely expensive. If you like granola, it's easy to make your own using all the base ingredients and I reckon that would work out a lot cheaper than the small packs - like the Udis one costs so much for so little!


I think the problem is that they have to be grown in fields away from wheat, rye and barley, and that they need dedicated facilities just for the oats to be certain of avoiding cross contamination. All this is not cheap...


The arguments don't stack up really. Take for instance Rice crispies or Corn flakes, both are very cheap to buy if and it is a big IF they are coated in a malted barley which contains gluten. Now if they are NOT coated with malted barley they suddenly cost four or five or six times the price.


Just to add to this there's the charge for gluten testing and for segregation in packaging so that gf foods are kept gluten free and especially in the case of oats, within codex.

And I agree that some manufacturers see much higher profits levels with special diet foods, so If you buy puffed rice from a supermarket it is over £3.00 for 300g but if you go to an Asian supermarket you can buy 1Kg of puffed rice for around £1.00 and pay the same price for 1Kg of rice flakes but are they packaged where wheat products are also packaged and one thing for sure is they are not tested for gluten, so it can be a gamble. But is rice and pudding rice available from supermarkets also kept gluten free or do they just assume it is?

Going back to oats some 'pure' oat producers claim that their gf oats have below 10ppm of gluten in them and they think that this is good. I'd also like to see a warning on pure oats packaging warning coeliac not to consume more than 50g in 24 hours and with coeliac children not more than 15g (this is just over 1/2 ounce and 50g is around 1 3/4 oz) So I wonder how gluten free pure oats really are as they are still a member of the same family as wheat, barley and rye.

So even though 'pure' oats are classed as gf you won't get me eating them, not even by giving them away...


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