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Am I getting enough support?

Do we really need to have blood tests on a regular basis??? My doctor has basically left me to it, i was diagnosed at 15yrs old and up until i was 21yrs old i had regular appointments. After giving birth to my son 11yrs ago nothing else has been said about my coeliac. I have had weight issues lately and cant seem to shift it, I'm always bloated, and do get a lot of discomfort. I dont understand why because i am very strict with my diet. :/

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I have an annual check up with my Gastro and they always take a bood test as it shows our iron and mineral levels and is a good indication of other problems.

So I would go back to your GP and ask them to refer you to your Gastro to discuss your issues with them and take it from there.

The Gastro's tend to book coeliac in for a bone density test to test for osteopeenia and osteoporosis and follow that up every 7 years. So in my opinion and from my experiences it is well worth having an annual check up.


Thanks Jerry I'll contact my GP Monday morning, I just presumed that as my last endoscopy was clear n they didn't arrange a follow up app that was it. Hope you are well and taking good care of yourself ;)


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