I have five autoimmune conditions and would appreciated help with these petitions:

Hi there.. so many of us appear to have thryoid problems... often undetected for years, and then saddled with a lack of treatment or choice even, let alone the unreliable tests:

Please think about signing these two petitions: I really need some help with them, it takes very little time to sign them and pass them on to others via, email, facebook, twitter or other forums. Thanks.




Thanks to those of you who care and take the trouble. Mary F x

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  • Both signed

    Dave H.

  • cheers

  • signed!

  • Thanks, and do please pass them on if you can x

  • Both signed

  • Thanks, and please pass on if you can x

  • Both signed

  • Thanks very much for being so active on this forum... people are also passing them on for signing elsewhere. thanks again x

  • Done.

  • great all the signing and passing on. this will help

  • Done and thank you for initiating them

  • Thanks so much, it helps... if they are passed on and ta for signing x

  • Me too, as I have to support some one else who goes the extra mile so good for you Mary and good luck.

    I know someone who has thyroid issues and that wasn't diagnosed until they had a heart attack, so know that you have a valid issue.

  • Yes, and thanks for this: I am also floating this petition: Which replaces the UK one, which got to, 1.027. Dr Pal the Staffordshire Whistleblower has relaunched this petition, which is fast gaining a signature base. I have had some great care and some awful care... medics flag up treatment of patients and lose their careers and patients their care; This one also needs legs. AND THANKS x


    Mary F x

  • Okey dokey I've signed this one as well.

  • good... if we could make them all take off..,. that would be great... and thanks jerry for your kind help, much appreciated x

  • All done,glad to help.

  • Great, all these petitions need energy like yours, thanks. Mary F x

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