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Festive season work events and eating at banquets?

I'd like to ask with the festive season fast approaching, how many coeliacs actually attend large dining events? Last year at a dinner event of 200+ I was assured my meal was gluten free but the next day I was violently I'll and didn't feel right for a good week. Was so disappointed as they assured me everything down to the gravy was gluten free.

How do you all deal? Do you attend and hope for the best or shy away? Even though this years event is in a different hotel, I have little faith and know I won't enjoy the evening for fear of being glutened! Thanks in advance!

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Hi cath_c, yes, I do make an effort and go out for dinner events, but, like you I am very wary, & this time of year, the hotels/restaurants bring in young people to serve etc, I find they have not been educated in Coeliac disease, I am often told, we do have vegetarian dishes for you.

I scan the menu and look for what I know I can eat, I usual make & take my own gravy, the restaurant is usually very good & heats it up for me, I guess, like me you know what you can eat, at this time of year we have to be extra vigilant, Good Luck


I usually opt for potatoes and vegetables, not very exciting but at least I know I'm not going to be sick. For starters, melon, and for dessert fresh fruit. I'm also vegetarian and for some reason a lot of catering staff can do gluten free or veggie but have difficulty doing both together.


Sadly the first 2 Christmas' after diagnosed I was glutened. The first time I had only been diagnosed 2 months so I tel the establishment they said they could cater for me I then went in the day before and they were confident they could but I was glutened and this was a real blow to my confidence in eating out.

The next year I provided some special cheeses for a buffet and kept mine separate took my own bread etc and thought I'd be OK but one of the cheeses had herbs on it and the lady who sold it told me later that she put the herbs on it herself and had used flour and water to make them stick. I felt really stupid that I had slipped up like this but I guess it's how we learn.

So I shy away as the fear of being ill put's me off. I go in cafe's that are squeaky clean and will have a gf cake if it's wrapped separately and that's it for me.


Be brave Cath and give it a go. I stick to food that is naturally gluten free - so no gravy or sauces. I will often eat something before I go out so that it doesn't matter if my meal is on the small side! I also speak to restaurants in advance and keep on asking when I get there. Places are getting better I think.

Good luck with your eating out.


Thanks so much for all your comments, its the fear of feeling so ill for a whole week after. I'm fine eating out with the boyfriend or a few friends at restaurants especially those with gluten free menus but will have to call ahead and see what can be adapted for me to eat at the venue to put my mind at rest.

Thanks again!


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