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Best gluten free menu ever in Stanmore Edgeware, the Secret Pantry Bistro and coffee shop

I recently had the best food I have ever tasted anywhere in my travels at the Secret Pantry Bistro and coffee shop in Stanmoor near Edgeware in London. The offer of the day was three courses for ten pounds or seven courses for nineteen pounds.

I have Celiac disease so have to be gluten free and avoid cross contamination. I spoke to the owner , Chantelle and she assured me that I was safe in her capable hands as she is also Celiac. She can make anything on the menu gluten free if it is not listed as such.

The food was amazing...I had stir fried greens with pine nuts and raisins for starters, oxtail with creamy mash in a cup for the main course and fried calamari for the third course. Then I indulged in home made almond tart with home made cinnamon and almond ice cream on the side. This was food heaven and all gluten free!!!!!! If I lived in London I would go to this little hide away at least once a week. I loved it! So nice to be able to eat a full meal and not have to worry about the content!!!

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I've just checked their facebook page and they're not too far from me in North Herts - I've got to try them out! Thanks for the recommendation :)


you will absolutely love it. The owner is very helpful if you ask any questions or state preferences. I was SO impressed. Please add to this comment when you have been and tell Chantelle you saw my review on here. Thanks


Hi Sappho,

Have you recommened them to the UK Coeiliac Society, CS will arrange a call to them to answer a few questions, they can be then listed in the Coeilic UK online guide. This is free for the Restaurant. And it helps us Coelics when out and about as we can just check on line where to go.


No I will do that as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip.


Why don't you also mention it on here as well: +

We'll try and pop next time we're near Stanmore - sounds great!


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