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Have you managed to get other members of your family tested for Coeliac Disease?

I'm sure we all know that the UK facts are that if you have CD then 1 in 10 of your close family maybe also have Coeliac Disease. However, have any of you had any success in getting family members to be tested? Have you discovered some silent coeliacs and helped family members regain their health?

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Yes, when my son was having other hospital tests he said that I was a coeliac so they gave him the IGA blood test and that came back negative.


Was advised yesterday by paediatrician that the whole family should go on a gluten free diet, as we have SO many coeliacs/gluten intolerant people. We had a genetic test done on our son - who has coeliac genes from BOTH parents. Sadly it is too expensive to repeat this test for every family member. My husband's sister and uncle are coeliac, on my side no one is diagnosed (but suspect my grandmother was probably coeliac, she had a lot of digestive problems & could never eat brown bread. Her sister died young of pernicious anaemia).


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