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Gluten free Shortbread biscuits with mince meat in a cafe for Chrstmas

I was in Coasters In Kingsbridge yesterday and they told me how their cake supplier gets them gf shortbread with mincemeat for Christmas! If I was a dog my tail would have been wagging like crazy at the thought!

Cafe's like this are my favorite type in that they do not make sandwiches they are a modern coffee shop with a selection of cakes and the gf macaroons are wrapped individually and the cakes are on the front counter and the drinks are made on the rear counter so I feel safe from cross contamination.

Well worth popping in for a tea or coffee if you are in the area and the more coeliac who go in there then they could expand their range of gf items.

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The chocolate macaroons that they sell are large individually wrapped Mrs Crimbles and list the ingredients. The shortbread I have not seen yet so cannot comment definitively on them or their ingredients. They just sound really nice.

To me as a sensitive coeliac cafe's like this are the best as they are squeaky clean and I feel safe there. But each to their own.


yeh - I'd need to see the ingredients also, as my family have other food allergies as well as coeliac :-( Even at coeliac meetings we have to pick about, checking ingredients, while everyone else tucks in with gusto :-(

Having said that, it's definitely a move in the right direction - and when I'm out with my "standard coeliac" child, we like to support these places & encourage them, by buying and eating these sorts of products.

Sadly there are very few places able to cater for:

1. a coeliac who has an anaphylactic nut allergy or

2. a coeliac who has serious intolerances to milk products, potatoes and rice

But I guess these 2 seriously allergic individuals were never going to be the first ones to be accommodated in cafes/restaurants - these places have to start somewhere, and that is to be encouraged......

PS The only place I've found that CAN cater for both the above people is actually McDonalds (we take in our own rolls/corn crackers - but apart from that it's ok.....)


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