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Research: Coeliac Disease & Sleep disorders

Research: Coeliac Disease & Sleep disorders

We've seen quite a few posts on our discussion page on facebook about Coeliacs and Sleep disorders. Yet until now we hadn't seen much research into this area. New research from Italy has been conducted into the 'quality of sleep' in people with Coeliac Disease.

The Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Federico II University of Naples has summarised their findings as showing that,

"Sleep disorders are common in Coeliac Disease not only at diagnosis but also during treatment with a gluten-free diet. Sleep disorders are related to depression, anxiety and fatigue, and inversely related to quality of life scale scores."

We were surprised to find that their conclusion was that a sleep disorders were also common in people with Coeliac Disease who were on an established gluten free diet. From our personal research and experience most articles point to many symptoms associated with Coeliac Disease being alleviated upon following a strict gluten free diet.

Your comments:

So we wondered, what is your 'quality of sleep'? Did you suffer sleep problems as a child? Upon being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease has your sleep improved? What sleep tips work for you? Or do you think this is all poppycock? Tell us your experiences and together we can share hints and tips.

Now..time for that cup of Chamomile Tea...

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I always had sleeping disorders but I think these are not disorders just I am different from the average related to my sleep.

When I was a child I never wanted to sleep, just was not tired.

I like to stay up late night and like to sleep on the morning. The problem is when I have to do regular stuff, wake up early, go to work or school, be awaken, enjoy it on the morning. Sometimes can be changed if I do really often and if I force myself to go to sleep early but I like to follow my rhythm and stay up late when I don`t have to wake up early. I am not tired during the day (just morning) and even if I didn`t sleep and woke up early I am not sleepy on the nights. I think I just have to accept that this is the way I am. I enjoy the nights up, I am very productive, however around 1am usually I am going to sleep and then I don`t have any difficulties. lol


Thanks for your comments - I can totally relate to that too. Despite being gluten free although I am less tried generally, mornings are still always hard for me. I have accepted I am night owl not a lark and just dose up on extra coffee in the mornings to get me energized. I wonder if this is just a people thing vs a Coeliac thing? Although the research looks interesting I suspect more will need to be done to get more conclusive results on Coeliac Diseasae and sleep disorders.


Your comment is interesting! Looks like there are lots of similar problems which are all common with gluten free people. I think is not good to stay up late night, I am on my way to change this bad habit. Sorry about my previous comment. I just decided to change recently even if is difficult. Doesn`t worth to be rebel as I always was before. If I want to heal myself I need to recognize first that the nature is the best doctor and teacher. And is available for free. I came from London to spend my holiday in San Francisco which is a completely different time zone and interestingly I went to sleep early evening and was awaken early morning for several days. Is good to feel this change. Well, I don`t know how will be when I am going back home. But I think is really important to change lots of things in my life and try to find out how to heal myself. Also to release the activities which are not important just keeping me busy to stay up on the nights.


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