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Hello Members!

Hello Members!

Calling all Gluten Free Guerrilla members...We've been doing some site house keeping and we've spotted that we have a lot of Eggs within the site. 'Eggs?' you cry. Yes 'Eggs', AKA Members with faceless profile pics and blank profiles.

Now, we know that signing up to 'this and that site' can be a bit dull. So here's our Top Monday Tip on how to spruce up your member profile, consider it Christmas bling for this site!

Set yourself 10 minutes: to create a snazzy personal profile...


1. Make yourself a lovely warming gluten free drink of your choice

2. Turn on the radio to your favourite station


3. Log onto HU GFGs (start the clock...)

4. Select your profile

Get Creative:

5. Upload a real or fun picture of yourself

(why not unlesh the artist in you and create a 1 minute doddle of yourself, snap it on your phone camera and upload it?)

6. Jot down a few lines on your profile bio

(Shy types may prefer 'Hello', or those with writer's block may wish to follow this simple approach...

a) List a quote or saying you like

b) Who in your house has Coeliac Disease and when were you diagnosed?

(this may encourage other members in a similar situation to share tips with you)

c) Why did you join Health Unlocked e.g. what would you like to learn more about on this site ?

d) If you could have any fictional superpower what would it be and why?

e) Finish this sentence...'A positive point about Coeliac Disease is that I/my friends/ my family etc .....'

7. Sit back and marvel at your newly spruced up profile and look forward to sharing Gluten Free hints and tips !

Tuck into your favourite Gluten Free snack of choice.

After that - why not wander around the site and ask a Health question on the Helpvine or comment on some past blogs. This site will be as interactive as we all make it. Enjoy.

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So nice to see some new faces on the members profiles! Thanks to those who have now updated their profiles...


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