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Did anyone else have swollen glands as a symptom?

Still waiting on results of bloods coming back but until I can get to the docs, I was wondering if anyone else experienced swollen glands. I have a couple under my armpits (they have been checked by the doc and confirmed as lymph glands,) also they are raised in my groin and neck. I haven't been ill in a while (was on antibiotics at beginning of July for chest infection) so know they aren't from illness/infection. Am I being neurotic and just looking for symptoms or did anyone else experience this.



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Hya, my lymph glands swell up in my neck and I get a mild fever as well as an upset stomach. My Gastro asked me what symptoms I get and I told him this and it just confirmed to him that I stick to the diet. Not all coeliac get such dramatic symptoms but If you are worried about it I'd chat to your Dr.


Thanks Jerry,

Unfortunately cant get to docs until the end of the week as I have just moved and getting registered is taking forever!!! I will have to hope they actually pay attention to me when I reel off my list of symptoms. I am being seen by a gastro atm and they were the ones that have ordered all the test, hoping to get them all back on Friday.


Good luck. Keep pushing yr Dr for answers. Glands can swell with any immune disorder or infection. Glandular fever is one of the common illnesses that causes extreme pain / swelling in this area. Ask your Dr what tests he/she did and how your B12/ Iron/ VitD/ Liver Function etc was? As these are often indicators of coeliac disease along with the classic coeliac blood test for ttg antibodies + the enzyme blood test.


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