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Gluten: ZERO Global

I came across the website of Dr Rodney Ford (gastroenterologist and food allergy specialist). He appears to be asking for a world wide ban of Gluten because he states:

Dr (Professor) Rodney Ford says: “Gluten is bad for us all!”

¦Advocate for a gluten-free planet (now with the new label – Gluten: ZERO Global)


We will have to keep our eyes open and see how far Dr Rodney Ford gets with eliminating gluten from the planet .........

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This second site is a point of reference that also may be of interest regarding apparent increased reactions to gluten :


I have correspoded with Doctor Ford and shared some of my research with him. He's a genuinely concerned man who is very approachable. My sister attended one of his presentations in Auckland. Dr. Ford is doing everything in his power to draw awareness to gluten and the many medical problems it causes. He's written a number of books for the layman ... very easy to understand. I own the one called "Are You Gluten Sensitive". My doctor was so impressed with it she got her own copy!


I wonder if this is something to do with GM crops coming home to roost! I gather that in Canada incidences of Coeliac Disease are higher than in the UK. It is a well known fact that North America sows vast quantities of GM crops, and there was news this morning that there are now monster weeds that are resistant to the vast quantities of herbicide sprayed on crops annually. Seeds and herbicide both provided by Monsanto I suspect!!! (no evidence for that - just a suspicion!). Is people's health being adversely affected by playing with nature? Jane. x


Hi Liana, It all sounds very credible. There are so many types of diseases that have sprung up from apparently nowhere. Everyone thought that once the air was cleaned up after various bills around 1955 that the amount of disease would fall. The smogs that would drift about and fall all over the country, thick, yellow-grey and extremely choking took their toll every winter. Once these were no longer around everyone said that the population would be more healthy and indeed they were for quite a while during the 1960's and 1970's .. most were not over weight .. eventually the winter skies were clear and without smog - with the occasional fog. There was little diabetes 2, occasional heart problems, tummy aches usually went away .. and so on and so forth. Whereas today we are constantly hearing of diseases that are new or at least were at one time so rare they were never mentioned ..... so it really does make you think.

If you are able, please kindly share some of your research with us all .. it would be lovely to read.

Hi Jane, I too have noticed various messages about the GM crops and what they may be leading to. One of the most frightening implicates soy - not so far heard anything about it on our news over here but this one is a US site ..


Jane - here is yet another link that explains a little more about the consequences of GM crops ..


Hya, did you see the blog about dairy? It's just that they have GM cows with human genes to create human milk from cows and lactose free milk from cows:

They have also successfully GM'd cows to produce better tasting beef so the GM cattle store more fat in their muscles so the meat has a marbled effect with the fat running through it. And they hope to have these products for sale in 5 years.


Oh that is so, so wrong Jerry! Where will it all lead to? It seems such a shame that they never learn from previous experiments, don't you think? Look at bovine spongiform encephalopathy. We are still reeling from the consequences of that. And that was simply feeding cows (natural herbivors) with meat - dead sheep. I still do not eat beef. The fact that the prions cannot be killed even with incineration and nuclear abliteration appears to have been swept under the carpet. It is still very much out there and consequences are still being recorded:

Then there was poor Dolly the sheep - a clone that met an early death.

What is of great concern is if breeding happens. Personally I think it is wrong but there are added concerns as the DNA becomes unstable and deformaties are created purely (one would hope) by accident.

I have never forgotten the old saying that goes something like mans most evil acts and outcomes have often been done with the best intentions. I believe in Yorkshire there is an old saying that is always worth remembering .. 'think on!'


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