Please help if you can, thanks!

Hi there, this petition only has a few days left to run, and we need it to reach 1000 signatures. If you can help please sign AND pass it on to others in anyway you can, email, facebook, other forums and tweets:

I have had some great care and some awful treatment. However patients complaining lose their care it would seem, and as for medical staff doing the right things, they tend to lose their careers for sticking up for the public.

Please help if you can: It needs 154 more signatures fast: and thanks.

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  • I have signed it. I hope it is succesful

  • Thank you very much and please consider sharing it via email and facebook or tweet - cheers. Mary F x

  • Have just signed and posted on my Facebook wall for u good luck with the e-petition:)

  • This is just the leg up it needs, thanks x

  • Just signed, good luck.

    I think any member of staff should be able to report malpractice/neglect etc. without fear of loosing their job but it should be reported via a set procedure.

  • Have signed !

  • Thank you and please consider sharing by email, facebook and tweeting, this will make a huge difference xx

  • I've signed it too and 872 signed so far, well done for sharing this and I love your hairdo...

  • Yes I love being Mrs Slocombe... and thanks for signing, do please if you can share it via email, facebook and also twitter as it runs out shortly xxx cheers x

  • Done..................

  • Hey this a great and supportive forum.....thanks for sigs and all the passing on and sharing people are doing... we can get there with help like this xx

  • Me too...

  • ta x

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