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Vitamin D Dekristol recall - check your prescription!

Vitamin D Dekristol recall - check your prescription!

Thanks to our fellow members Thyroid UK for this warning - well spotted!

We have been alerted a few minutes ago to the recall of Dekristol 20,000 and 50,000 IU vitamin D capsules.

Please be careful to check the exact product - this is only the specific capsules identified - not all Dekristol products.

Company-led drug recall: Dekristol/Dektristol Capsules - Jumbogate Ltd. (Quvera livery) - CLDA(12)A/10

CLDA number: CLDA(12)A/10

MDR number: MDR 64-04/12

Company name: Jumbogate Ltd. (Quvera livery)

Product description: Dekristol/Dektristol 20,000i.u. (0.5mg) Capsules. Dekristol 50,000i.u. (1.25mg) Capsules

Batch number/ expiry:

20,000i.u: BN: MVD 1101, EXP: Sep 2014

BN: MVD 1102, EXP: Sep 2014

BN: MVD 1103, EXP: Sep 2014

50,000i.u: BN: MVF 1101, EXP: Sep 2014

Brief description of problem:

Samples of these unlicensed medicines were tested by the MHRA laboratory and the content of colecalciferol was found to be substantially greater than that stated on the label.

Please note: Dekristol capsules manufactured by MIBE GMBH in Germany are not within the scope of this recall and only the batches listed above are affected. The labels on both the bottle and the carton of the products being recalled state clearly ‘Manufactured for Jumbogate Ltd’

Company contact for stock enquiries: 020 8423 2111

Company contact for medical information enquiries: 020 8423 2111

An alert email has been sent by MHRA to all those subscribed to that service.

Note: It's well worth you all signing up to this medical alert site as sadly there's often not much mainstream press on these unlike the FSA alerts!


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