New brown bread from Genius!

Anyone else bought the Genius brown bread made with their new recipe? It now says 'soft and tasty' on the bag and it does feel nice and squishy just like the white seeded one, which everyone seems to say they like best. I've not tried it yet but I have got my hopes up! Sorry if this has already been discussed but I was so excited when I saw this in Tescos!!! :-D

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  • It is much better than the first Genius bread I love it, so stay excited. It doesn't fall apart like the fist version, I am just getting used to the taste which is different but still nice. Lets face it we coeliacs don't get much to get excited about so this is big.

  • Suggest you keep it in the fridge as it goes mouldy quite quickly. I find ASDA have a better selection and nicer too.

  • Dont usually shop there, but will go and have a look at gf bread. Thanks.

  • Does it have less massive air holes than the original recipe? I reswented buying bread that not only fell apart very easily but also had huge pockets of air in it so some slices were totally unusable. Lets face it GF bread slices are small enough without losing up to 1/4 of a slice to nothingness.

  • well your excitement is contagious.. Now I'm a little excited. :P I love genius bread anyway so will try this new one for sure..

  • had some at allergy and free from show - really nice. they said it has been reconfigured to be like the seeded variety. Sainsburys have now got the new version - my Asda doesnt stock genius bread. Tesco have got the new pancakes and they are really yummy. happy eating

  • I love the Genius range and their new bread is great! It seems to be stocked in lots of places but you can always ask the store (doesnt matter which it is you go to) to get it in for you, Genius even have a form on their website you can use to hand in as well - which Ive done a few times!!

  • DEFinitely do not like the new denser version of the Genius brown bread. Was very happy with lighter version. Would not buy the new one again. Hope they continue to bake the "original" genius brown bread

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