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New Coeliac site wants your recipes & reviews!

We're often asked on here for recipes for GF food. As we've explained before this site is focused on health not recipes - which are often posted on our Facebook page instead.

However, we've partnered up with Coeliac in the City to create a new website which we hope you'll enjoy. It features tips, recipes and blog reviews on the best places to 'eat, sleep and play gluten free'. Unlike other gluten free sites this one is for coeliacs by coeliacs. The aim is to make travelling to somewhere on a day trip or for university or on holiday a bit easier for coeliacs. Too often we visit a great cafe or hotel and have a great meal but forget to share that knowledge of where to eat out safely with others.

Your input:

Coeliac in the city are on the hunt for foodie coeliacs to write some short blog posts of their home town and recommend the best places to eat sleep or play gluten free. All you need to do is email e: if you're interested in writing a short review and they'll email you some key things to include so all the reviews cover key points that coeliacs eating out would be interested in.

They're also keen for any coeliac cooks or bakers to share their favourite recipes so that they get a real mix of healthy gluten free food on the site as a resource for newbie and established coeliacs vs all the Free From mass produced food in supermarkets. So whether you're a can't cook / won't cook person there should be something for everyone.

Just visit to find out more or click here to complete their form to write a review:

For any small businesses they'll be offering special advertising rates soon and you can contact them here for more information:

Meanwhile here's some of their first blogs:

And you can also follow them on Facebook/ Twitter & Pinterest too:

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