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A useful petition for modern times

I have had some truly great medical care and also some which has been truly awful. This petition, started by the original Staffordshire Whistleblower is a modern way forward. If it has enough signatures the dinosaur DOH will be forced to read it.

If medics complain about bad care or practices, they often lose their jobs, and patients flagging up dire issues lose their care.

Formal complaints cost money and usually achieve nothing. Please consider signing this and passing it on via email lists, facebook and other forums. Thanks.

Mary F

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could you explain exactly what this is all about in ordinary English, I will not open the explaining document on the epetitions web site in order to protect my computer


Ok, at the moment when medical staff complain or whistleblow about poor care or things which are wrong, they often lose their jobs for doing the right thing. When patients complain they often lose their care and get rough treatment. This heralds a fairer way forward, ie instead of institutions going through the motions of pretending to investigate, at the same time using up public money, things get sorted more fairly, so that the outcome is better, less jobs lost, less patient dignity lost and less money in the long term xx


I didn't think formal complaints cost money - just a lot of time & stress. 3 levels of complaint, then ombudsman. And sometimes when people are ill/emotional it's more than they can manage to do.


They eat up a hell of a lot of public funds in our institutions x


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