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Gluten free restaurant cards, useful for hols abroad


Hi all,

As we're coming up to the peak time for holidays away from our sun drenched shores I thought it would be helpful to make you all aware of a website that could help with gf food.

There is a company that sells credit card sized dietary cards in all manner of foreign languages. Basically it explains what you can and can't eat and asks that you be guided as to what is alright for you to eat on the menu.They can also produce cards for other food allergies.

I used mine whilst on holiday in Italy and it was very helpful. I just showed the card and hey presto they pointed to the right things for me to choose from.

So the address for these great little cards is Hope that some of you will find this info helpful.


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If you have an iPhone there is a free App - GF card - translates into numerous languages.

there is also one called "gluten free translation cards" on android/google play.

Really useful post, many thanks chr10 and Chester31


These are free & you can donate to them and these are dairy free ones

great idea,

Celiactravels cards are really useful especially on a iPod or iPhone. Beware though some of the translations are wrong- I think they mixed up some of the East European languages. Be doubly careful in the Middle East as many do not have a clue what Coeliac conditions is or entails. Japan and Korean waiters will either scurry to the chef with your iPod or print out or alternatively photograph the screen - great fun!

Thanks for highlighting these cards, apps etc. My son follows a coeliac diet but also needs to avoid nuts, soya and sesame - I am planning for him to go on a school trip to Canada in October

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