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How many of you have had your Thyroid checked to rule out problems there?

Eg NICE guidelines in the UK recommend all Thyroid patients should get tested for CD. Yet in the CD NICE guidelines this is not repliacated. There are strong links with CD and Thyroid (3 times more likely to get the other if you have one). We're curious how many GPs, Gastro Drs have checked Coeliac patients/ Kids to rule out Thyroid issues e.g. Thyroid Function & TSH tests given the strong links. Especially if you continue to have tiredness/ weight problems/ sleeping problems whilst being strictly GF.

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My daughters have a yearly blood test which tests for thyroid function. We are under Dr Charlton at the QMC Nottingham. He is fab!


Great ! Have you completed the hospital survey? Click Hospital and just click on the questions that apply. We're keen to see which hospitals rate the best for us with CD.


Have had underactive thyroid for around 8years and was diagnosed with CD march 2009! Constant battle with both!


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