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What to do next time I accidentally eat gluten?

I have coeliac problems and I accidentally ate something with gluten in a few weeks ago. My stomach swelled up massively and it hurt really bad. I'm better now but I still get some residual churning and rumbling.??Is there anything I can do next time if I accidentally eat gluten to keep my stomach from swelling up so much? It would be good to have a system to deal with these situations..

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We know just how you feel.

It's very hard to stop your immune system from fighting the gluten if you are cross contaminated by accident e.g. your body will react severely to just a breadcrumb of cross contamination (or if you a ate a slice of pizza) as it can't assess that it's just a breadcrumb. So accidental cross contamination when eating out at restaurants, training courses, hotels or friends houses is a hazard for Coeliacs. It's no fun being glutened and looking 6 months pregnant and being in pain.

The best solutions we have tried to ease the pain and swelling that the initial 'Glutening' takes are as follows:

-Tonic water (helps stomach swelling)

This is great if you are glutened whilst out. Nip into a shop and snap up a bottle. We think the quinine acts as a muscle relaxant and reduces the swelling

-Ginger tea (helps nausea)

A great natural remedy for the nausea and sickly feeling

-Paracetamol (painkiller)

A staple painkiller and kinder on the stomach than ibuprofen


Don't over do it, just drink around 8 glasses a day. We find that it seems to help flush out the system

- Peppermint tea (stomach pain)

It often helps ease the stomach pain - or maybe it acts as a placebo?

Either way we feel better for it

Being glutened can make people constipated or the opposite. So get to know your body's reaction. Then you can learn how best to help it. Give yourself lots of rest too as often it will make you feel like you have a bad hangover for a week. Some Coeliacs feel bad for a month after and often have clothes that are 2 sizes bigger than normal for these bad moments. We find also avoiding hard to digest fructose and carbs (FODMAPS) eg garlic, chilli, onions, part cooked GF breads plus lactose items after being glutened eases the strain so the stomach can recover.

Lastly do politely complain to where you ate out so that they can make adjustments and avoid other Coeliacs being ill. If you glutened yourself by accident jot down the bad item to avoid as a note on your phone as a reminder for future.


I was recently diagnosed with celiac, so im still learning and making a lot of mistakes. After exposure I immediately feel lethargic, foggy mind and I bloat like a 9 month old pregnant lady. It seems like the symtoms are getting progressivly worse each time. I will also usually get gluten nightmares that night. This might be bad advice but I find enos and buscopan to help but only the day after. I will have to finetune my diet, but half ass labeling gives me serious trust issues. I dread going through another "gluten storm". God help us all x


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