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Celiac disease - Gluten intolerance, what is the difference please?


How should I get tested for celiac disease please? and how can I know the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease SYMPTOMS please? I'am gluten intolerant and when ever I used to eat gluten related food in few minutes or hours I get the most unpleasant symptoms. Stomach discomfort, bloating, intestine pain, headaches, dizziness, brain fog acid reflux, fatigue, anxiety, aches in muscles and bones, nausea and even vomit. Vomit has became a habit when ever I eat contaminated food with gluten. Also I have another question I'am Casein intolerant, what is the difference between casein and lactose intolerant please?

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If you don't currently eat gluten, you will need to reintroduce it for at least 6 weeks before you can be tested for coeliac disease.

It's not really possible to tell the difference between coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity after you've cut gluten from your diet. Everyone reacts differently when they consume gluten. The difference is the effect it has on your gut, which requires an endoscopy to determine.

Hi Kyle,

Gluten sensitivity and casein sensitivity often go together because the proteins are quite similar. Lactose is a sugar and some people are deficient in the enzyme needed to break it down in the gut, which causes problems such as fermentation which creates gas. Your GP should be able to help with arranging some tests in the first instance.


Hi Kyle. I'm Coeliac, diagnosed in 1996. Your symptoms, especially vomiting after eating gluten does make it sound like it would be a good plan to talk to your doctor about having a test. There's an antibody blood test which usually gives a good indication for many, but the only sure way to really know is to have two endoscopies: one when eating gluten, one when not. The doctor can then study a biopsy of the lining of your intestines and see if it is reacting. Coeliac is an immune system response where your body attacks itself when gluten is eaten, so it is best to know and take action so you can start feeling a lot better.

Have a look at Coeliac UK website, too, for general information.



If you are a reader, you might be interested in a book by Wm Davis called Wheat Belly, and another called Undoctored. He explains a lot about the things wheat can do to you if you're not full-blown celiac. He's all over gluten like stink on skunk!! wheatbellyblog.com/

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