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Fancy more GF choice?

Fancy more GF choice?

Psst...we've seen a new campaign page that is urging Coeliacs/ GF dieters to 'Like' it and show their support. The aim is to encourage people to show there is demand for a new GF kid on the block i.e. GF Fria from Sweden. Over there they are a family run business that is huge. They create GF breads, cinnamon swirls, brownies etc. Now some of their prodcuts do use codex wheat starch so Coeliacs who avoid that - read the labels carefully.

However, the food trial in John Lewis Food Halls in Oxford Street and Kent went well. So..we're supporting the campaign by fans of Fria to get their products rolled out in more supermarkets across the UK. Why should just the South East benefit?! So far we've tried their nutty bread, mini baguette roles (made delish garlic breads), so good our gluten loving friends couldn't tell they were gluten free (how often can you say that about GF bread huh?!).

What we really love is the products are frozen which means less fresh bread that falls apart/ goes off quickly. Instead you can dip into your freezer and the one we bought tasted great for ages after purchase. The breads are currently more expensive than the standard GF fresh bread on the shelves yet we're hoping that if a major supermarket snaps them up and enough would-be Coeliac shoppers show their support on the new facebook campaign page that they'll reduce their prices...well we are optimists at heart!

LINKS: Want to know more?


Facebook Campaign Page: Join to show your support

Follow the campaign on twitter:!/GFFriaforUK

Don't forget to use the #wewantfria hashag

Read our old blog post about them:


Fria's website:

Buy: from John Lewis Oxford Street & Blue Water Food Hall (freezer sections)


Like the campaign page to show support and don't forget to email your supermarket of choice to ask them to stock Fria!

Remember all retailers track customer demand so 2 mins spent writing an email could = years of GF foodie's hoping!














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