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Fancy analysing your gut biome?

uBiome are offering free kits. They are in the States and you have to pay postage to Europe, but still worth it in my opinion.

Order the single kit at and enter the code Radiolab3 when checking out.

I have no idea how long this offer will last for, and cannot vouch for the quality etc because I have only just ordered. But since I am pretty sure that my gut isn't entirely weed free I thought it would be interesting for $20 plus the postage back, of course. I've paid via paypal to protect my precious $20 as best I can!

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It's an interesting idea, but you might be better off investing your money in buying some Kilmer jars and a book on fermenting food to help improve your gut biome?

This quote is from a page looking at gut biome testing.

"Since medical science does not yet know either what an ideal microbiome looks like, or what it would look like in cases of particular diseases, the results that you receive cannot be used for diagnostic purposes at this point of time."


I am already looking at fermented foods - but the same applies to those. We believe they are good, but there isn't much solid scientific evidence. I have made yoghurt for years. My first foray into kefir resulted in a strong allergic reaction! My next project will be sauerkraut which I love!

Trust me I'm a doctor did a piece on gut biome - analysed by a lab in Israel and the very few guinea pigs reported improvement when they changed their diet in accordance with the recommendations.

I imagine they are doing this freebie to establish a reference database. I'm up for that and curious.


Yes, having looked them up, they do seem to be establishing a reference database. Will be interested to know what they are able to tell you.

I've had one unsuccessful go at making sauerkraut, having developed a dairy intolerance, but will have another go. There is some research on the effects of fermented food, if you look at the Pubmed site. I found this article, a bit long but interesting.

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I looked at this - Must have missed the offer as now $89 dollars plus postage.


That's a shame! Worth watching though, they had a half price offer a few months ago. If you subscribe to the newsletter you should get the notices.

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