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How long for glutening to clear?

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Hi, I’m diagnosed coeliac, gf for past 5 years, strict but with the occasional slip up (I have 3 kids and it’s impossible to have no gluten in the house). Last week I ate 2 pieces of salami and have been in intense digestive distress ever since, only just easing today (day 7). I’ve never been this unwell for so long. I can only think my gut is now super sensitive and there must have been a lot of gluten present. Has anyone else had symptoms for so long after an accidental glutenining and if yes what did you do to ease them? I’m taking nexium (gp prescribed) and am looking at low fodmap foods. My partner cooks with a lot of chilli and I don’t think this is helping. I didn’t eat for days and have only started with plain rice and bananas and green tea. I’m scared it’s now moving into ibs as well as coeliac as I get older. Thanks

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Hi, glutening is awful so sorry to hear it's happening for you. If it's a strong and prolonged reaction, my non-scientific take is that there must have been quite a bit of gluten in the salami. Salami typical has no gluten containing ingredients so it's cross-contamination probably in production or in your own home. Worth maybe checking with the manufacturer. I agree that sensitivity seems to increase the longer you go without gluten, so maybe that is a reason for the strength of the reaction also. One thing I find I can no longer tolerate are a lot of additives as some have traces of gluten/come from gluten sources that may not be labelled adequately. In terms of recovery, for me, after 3 days the intensity tends to be over, and then it's mild discomfort for a few days. I get a lot of joint and nerve infllammation with the gastric pain. I did find this on nexium - apparently it can actually cause coeliac/celiac to develop!:

I’ve been gluten free for for around 9 years and I’ve found that if I accidentally get glutened nowadays, the reaction can be pretty extreme too.

I get terrible gut pain and joint pain that can last for a whole week, but the first three to four days are the worst. I throw everything I can at it because I just can’t function otherwise.

I take turmeric capsules, colofac, which is an over the counter IBS medicine, drink peppermint tea and take lots of paracetamol. I eat very simple comfort foods too until the worst is over. It’s all very unpleasant and each time it happens, I get a little bit more paranoid about my food choices.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi both, just wanted to say thanks for your kind and thoughtful replies. I am feeling much better and able to eat again though still off coffee, alcohol and any kind of spicy food. It has made me quite cautious now, almost scared, which I don’t like. I’m still sticking to plain food and agree on the turmeric, made a yummy drink with almond milk, turmeric, cinnamon which was soothing. Anyway, appreciate your help and understanding. My partner is very kind but I don’t think anyone really gets it until you’ve been through it. I hate feeling so weak and unwell, it’s very disempowering.

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