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Sourdough bread


I read somewhere that if sourdough goes through a 24 hour fermentation it becomes gluten free. Can anyone confirm this? I would love to make/eat sourdough.

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My advice is never to believe anyone who says that anything made with gluten containing flour is ok if... It is not!

Having said that, there are gluten free recipes for sourdough bread. I haven't tried them, but I am sure there will be people here who can help out with recipes.

Sourdough bread isnt gluten free.

I eat Emmer sourdough bread. Its an ancient grain. I am told that it only contains 12 gluten molecules compared with 46 in the modern hybrid breads. Some Coeliacs, but not all, are fine with it x

I wouldn't be fine with it!

I believe Emmer is an ancient wheat, rather than a different grain, so even if there are no symptoms I would worry in case it is causing damage to my intestines.

topaz1 in reply to Whydothis

I agree I believe the tiniest bit of gluten stays in your system for up to 6 months.

I get gluten free sourdough bread from my local supermarkets and it is good. Stays fresher longer and the taste is good.

Most definitely not. Sounds similar to the people who tell you chips in the same frier as battered fish is fine, as the temperature kills off the gluten. (I thought the batter staid on the fish and that’s was the point!!!!!).

People say stuff like this with zero knowledge. Don’t believe them. There’s a lovely sourdough loaf in M&S if you fancy it.

I have Dermititis Herpetiformis, which is a Celiac skin disorder. So, if I come in contact with gluten or too much iodine, my skin will let me know in short order. I have tried sour dough bread and I'm here to tell you it doesn't work. My head, neck and face are a mess of DH blisters, from this experiment.

topaz1 in reply to CATRYNA49

Thank you for the warning!

No. Fermentation does not destroy/eliminate gluten. Please do your research on this as this is dangerous information to follow/propogate. The NICE guidelines on fermentation/gluten are very clear on this.

topaz1 in reply to Benjamin123

Thanks Benjamin123.

If it is gluten to start with it will have gluten at the end, I wouldn't risk it.

The sourdough fermentation process does break down some of the gluten and in theory could break down all of it. However, you have no way of measuring this and much commercially sold bread isn’t true sourdough anyway. You can make gluten free sourdough bread yourself using a starter made from just brown rice flour and filtered water. It takes a few days to get going but can then be used to make sourdough bread from gluten free grains such as buckwheat, amaranth etc.

topaz1 in reply to Hil101

Thank you Hil101 Do you have a recipe for this sourdough?

This sounds like a bit of an urban myth that someone is telling you. Sourdough is apparently easier to digest for those with general wheat intolerance, but it won't do anything for the gluten.

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