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Gluten Free Flour Alternatives


Hi. Posting again (promise this will be the last for a while.....),

In my quest to get on top of sneaky glutening from mystery sources I am endeavouring to make my own bread. With the challenge of cross-contamination, and the new realisation as to how much gluten I may actually be consuming in 'gluten free' bread that meets the 20ppm criteria, never mind the additional additives, I'm checking for any brand recommendations of gluten free flour you use/trust, or alternatives to flour substitutes. I am look at grain-free breads that are made with almond flour, quinoa, etc, but again I'm greatly concerned on the cross-contamination risks.

If you are a bread maker, and affected by the 20ppm still leaving you glutened, what brands of flour/flour substitutes are you using that you find good?

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I find the FREEE range is very reliable, readily available and made in a dedicated gluten free factory. There are also lots of smaller brands online if you google it.

Agree, the Doves Farm strong white bread flour is ace and I make bread with that, a bit of gf brown rice flour (I get it from a local health food shop) and I make a sourdough bread, which is a bit of effort but I am getting great results! If you have time/ energy I really recommend making bread this way - it takes a few goes to get it right but I'm making very tasty bread now. I found this blog quite helpful but I'm happy to give you more tips if you wanna go this way!

Mise in reply to gloria_mundi

Hi. Thank you both for that. I've spotted that in my local shop so will give it a go. Sourdough sounds fun! I've heard it's actually really good healthwise in terms of being easier for the body to digest. Good recommendations.

Hi Mise

Doves flours are good at labelling and you can trust them, they have a good gram (chickpea) flour as well as general flours.

I use Sussex Wholefoods flour which I get on line, although I don’t often make bread as too much yeast doesn’t do me any good. Making rolls rather than a loaf may be easier to start with. I often make wraps /pancakes using buckwheat or chickpea flour. Perhaps have a look at making corn bread as well?

Have a look at Jerry’s bread recipes for lots of ideas.

This is another informative article.

Mise in reply to Penel

Thanks Penel. I've never baked with yeast before (not a baker), so I think I will have to work up towards the more adventurous types. Think it will probably be flat breads for the first few goes.....

There's a lady called Vicky Montague she calls herself The Free from Fairy. She has a coeliac daughter and was a chemist. She came up with her own formula which is very good and is wholemeal. She is also on Facebook. She has online recipes and demos. There is also a Facebook group called Sourdough gluten free vegans. I know Vicky has been experimenting making sourdough with her flour and kefir. She is a really lovely lady I have met her and is very keen to help anyone.

Mise in reply to jill55

Thanks jill55. That's really helpful. I will check out that FB page. I do see a lot of gluten free brands also being started by women whose kids have coeliac. That's how Genius bread started, and Ella's Kitchen. Necessity really is the mother of invention!

I'm using a flour that only contains cornstarch, potatoefibers, psyllium husk and xantamgum. (

Or I mix as I go, cornstarch, potato starches, and rice flour have never affected me badly. But this is more for pizza and pancakes. In bread you probably need a lot of seeds too.

Lentils are perfect for tortillas. Quick, easy and ridiculously cheap.

Am going to try to bake on beans one day. It makes delicious mudcakes, and should be perfect in bread. Whole beans. I'm careful with flour.

There's also recipes with peanutbutter instead of flour. But have not tried.

jill55 in reply to Suit

Hi if you follow any vegan pages loads recipes black bean brownies etc.

Mise in reply to jill55

Fab. Thank you.

Thanks Suit. That's a lot of experimenting going on there! I like the idea of introducing 'non-flour' items in, so the bean one sounds interesting. I've been told to avoid chickpeas so lentil flour would be a good replacement for gram flour. I like the idea of getting as much nutrition into bread, rather than it being a starchy carb thing.

Suit in reply to Mise

Yes, I like the idea of extra proteins too.

If you use proper flour from lentils and beans you probably need to consider the amount of liquid. It might become dry.

I think it's easier to just mix down whole, cooked beans.

Or overnight soaked raw lentils (as in tortillas, just mix em smooth with salt and some water and fry like pancakes). Cooked might work too.

If you have a sensitivie stommach you can change water after an hour or two. But not in the end, due to starches needed in the batter.

This is how black beans work in cakes.

Mise in reply to Suit

That's a great link. Thank you. I'm finding paleo recipes also seem really good as entirely grain free. Think the main issue is my own laziness and reliance on pre-packed breads, so it's an exercise in motivating to take charge of the bread dilemma. Kudos on your kitchen ingenuity.

Suit in reply to Mise

I'm extremely lazy too.

So anything easy works fine 😴😴😴

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