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Gram Flour, guaranteed gluten free


Hi, can anyone recommend a brand of gram flour that is certified/guaranteed gluten free? I'm interested in giving it a go, but don't want to buy bulk. I've checked the Dove Farm website and their Freee range has gram flour which is £2.30, but the postage will cost me £4.95. No way I'm going for that melarkey considering it's the same postage/delivery cost for multiple bags of the same flour. All recommendations welcome.

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I use this one:

Fab, thank you. Do you know if it's processed/milled in gluten free environment?

If you click through to the product details it says: Packed in a factory that also handles nuts, soya, sesame, eggs, milk, mustard and celery. I take that level of detail to mean gluten free.I have had very good experiences with this company.

Thanks for that. I've noticed similar on Kallo products, but they do have wheat in the same facility. I think I'll double check on these ones, but good you had a good experience.

I use the same provider as Whydothis Delivery charges mean that I will buy Buckwheat flour and flakes, along with gf porridge oats at the same time.

You could also try Holland and Barrett, and perhaps combine with other products to make sure you get free delivery?

Whydothis in reply to Penel

I agree - I always buy several things at once to make the delivery worthwhile (buckwheat flour, sesame seeds, ground almonds ...)

Benjamin123 in reply to Penel

Thank you Penel. I had emailed Dove Farm in hope they would offer sample delivery as a try before committing to bulk buy, but no one ever responded. I'll have a look at whatever else they have that might be of interest. Seems crazy that it's the same deliver charge for one item as it is for 20. I think they need to revisit their policy unless it's a ruse to get people buying multiple items.

Dolphin Fitness stock Doves Farm gram flour and have free delivery if you spend over £30. They can be a bit slow to send things out and stock control can be a bit flaky.

I use it quite a lot. With a bit of olive oil, it makes quite good cases for flans and quiches. It doesn't handle like pastry but does turn out fine. Great for bhajis and pakoras too.

Whydothis in reply to Babette

I would love to hear I'm wrong - but I understood that Doves Farm products that are not under the Freee label are not guaranteed to be produced away from gluten production lines, so I don't buy them.

Babette in reply to Whydothis

I'm not sure what your question is ... the gram flour is under the Freee label:

I've just checked one of my packets and it's clearly marked "gluten free gram flour"

Whydothis in reply to Babette

That's good then - thank you. I think it must be Doves Farm buckwheat flour that I have looked at and is not guaranteed GF then, rather than the gram flour.

I've bought their buckwheat from their Freee range in the past. Seems quite a few options on the Freee part of the website.

I must have been in the wrong shop then!I am buying most of my ingredients from Healthy Supplies now - the prices are better than supermarkets for many things, and organic stuff available as well. They are good about providing all the allergen info on the website.

My mother asked me to get her some brazil nuts, and they cost me £11 a kilo from here, compared to small packets at £22 per kilo from Sainsbury's.

That's pretty impressive. It pays to shop around online. I find things on Amazon tend to be priced up well beyond the retailers own website.

The gram is in their Freee range.

BabsyWabsy in reply to Whydothis

Doves Farm built another manufacturing unit a couple of years ago dedicated to their gluten free products. So wheat and non-wheat products are made in completely separate buildings.

Whydothis in reply to BabsyWabsy

Worth knowing! - thank you

Benjamin123 in reply to Babette

Thanks for that Babette. That's useful to know. I've never used gram flour but interested as a change of scene.

I use it for onion bhajis, pakoras, socca pancakes and even make a savoury cobbler with it as a pie topping. You can also thicken soups and stews with it. Very useful stuff, and high protein.

Seems a no brainer to not give it a go. I've never heard of socca pancakes - had to Google those!

I hope you like it.

Funny you asked this! as I recently just discovered Waitrose do their own label Gram Flour. £1.80 for 250grams. Not the cheapest. Failing that Asda usually sell KTC Gram Flour 1kg for same price in the Asian aisle for onion bhajis. Label just says no additives and no warnings about gluten.I use to use the Doves Farm but haven’t been able to get it for ages, Sainsburys use to stock it.

I did buy the KTC gram flour soon after my coeliac diagnosis, but I have now decided that the lack of warnings doesn't feel safe enough - I want to be told it has been milled away from gluten cereals.


Hi ResearchFan - I'm with Whydothis on this one. I always check with the manufacturer and never trust ANY label. Too many times I've checked and found they have wheat/gluten on site or even on the same production line. There is no law to state they have to label this, and it's more a choice that a legal requirement. I think our food manufactureres need to be brought into line on this one. I've also bought a casava flour from Amazon (Tiana) - contacted manufacturer first and they swore me blind that it was entirely gluten free production facility, but made me massively ill. Noticed someone posting same on Amazon reviews. I trust no manufacturer unless they produce a branded GF range and can gaurantee a gluten free production facility.


Really interesting about the cassava flour. I tried that a long time ago but it terrible for spiking blood glucose up. Cassava can also be high in the FODMAP galactooligosaccharride (GOS), which can act as a laxative.


I found it an interesting variation on the GF flour theme, but difficult to bake with. It did ok for pancakes and batters, but yes, not for everyone.

Bit late in replying, but I always use Dove's Farm gluten free gram flour and never have a problem with it.

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