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Coeliac dog


I was shocked to hear two days ago that my friends dog has died and it seems that it was intolerant to Gluten ! and my friend did not know, It suffered so bad and many vets could not put their finger on why ? Then after changing the vets the dog was found to be Coeliac but it’s stomach was in such a bad condition by that time and shortly after it died, I’ve never heard of this before and thought I would inform anyone as it was such a surprise to me !

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Hadn't heard of this either! Apparently cats can get diabetes! But understand this can be reversed.

Suppose they are both mammals and prone to same diseases as we are!



Oh wow, I didn't realise either! It makes sense that we're not the only species open to autoimmune disease though.

I will definitely suggest it to people :)

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Well my poor friend went to so many vets and no one know what was wrong! The dog suffered so bad and then when she found the vet who did diagnose this it was too late , very sad

Diet makes a difference to all people and animals. I was 42 when my gluten allergy was finally diagnosed. What a difference it makes. I think everyone should avoid gluten, genetically modified food, pesticides and chemicals. We are keeping our dog gluten free. Her diet is Hills Natural chicken and brown rice, which also contains cranberries and apples. It is so good for her. Her dog treats are organic carrots and sometimes a few green beans. No digestive issues at all now. If she ate my friend's homemade dog treats, she immediately got sick from the wheat gluten and peanut butter.

I have noticed that the tinned food and the dry food our border collie has are both gluten free. His poos are what any dog or human would be proud of! I don't think he is coeliac as he does have the odd bonio.

Yes I've known of Gluten intolerancentre in my friends dog

hi so sorry to hear about your friends dog, I can imagine how stressful it must have been if no-one knew what was wrong.

Professor David Sanders brought a book out a few years ago called Gluten Attack, as soon as it was published I loaned it from our library.

I remember he says about dogs having cd, he mentioned two breeds which were more prone, they were border terriers and Irish setters, I think he said one breed had the stomach issues the other the brain issues, ataxia etc. I can't remember which was which now. Was your friends dog either of these breeds.

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Hi it was a Maltese terrier

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