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Jansana Gluten free bakery in Barcelona

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I thought others may want to know about this lovely gluten free bakery and small cafe if travelling to Barcelona in future. I visited in November and whilst Barcelona was absolutely amazing my visit to this bakery/patisserie was one highlight. I have never been to Barcelona before and I would highly recommend it for the history, architecture, places to visit and things to see. There were a few places that served gluten free food but it was challenging a couple of times. This bakery is exclusively gluten free and has a large range of exquisite patisserie, pastries and breads to eat in or take away. It also caters for other allergens too. The metro was nearby but we decided to walk the 2.5 miles to get there to build up an appetite for the lovely tea and cake. We also bought bread, biscuits and pastries to take away which were equally delicious. There is a website that has an option to translate to English if anyone wants to take a look glutenfree.cat/

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Hi masefieldcrew, many thanks for the heads up on the bakery. I haven't been to Barcelona, yet. But it's good to know there is somewhere to get decent bread and a bun.

That looks wonderful!

Do you have the address, I suppose they're on the Web

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I have just checked on the website glutenfree.cat/ The address is

Carrer de Balmes, 106, 08008 Barcelona. Spain. It is well worth a visit if you are in Barcelona. 😄

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