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Eating out

Not a question more of a comment. Since becoming GF I have eaten at Mcdonalds, burger with no bun etc, Crown Carvery, they have Gf gravy and even prepare me separate veg if needed. Tonight I went to one of my local pubs for a meal, the kitchen staff and waitresses had no idea what was or was not gluten free. i was hungry so took a chance on something. i have since e mailed the company suggesting they educate their staff.

Anyone else has similar problems pls. i live in nottingham.

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Everywhere I try - always say "Gluten? Whats That! I'll ask the cook" I then just ask for a plain jacket potato usually! It's not worth risking it. But I must say that a family pub Brewster I think? in Leigh Lancs near by, where excellent the waiter actually knew what gluten was and he wrote down everything off the menu that I could eat for future reference. Apparently the manageress was coeliac! so she had passed on her knowledge which I can't praise her enough for doing that, I actually ate and enjoyed my chicken, veg, poatoes etc... without worrying for once ahhh!!!! I don't eat out much as it's always a pain and makes you feel like your being fussy! I once got asked "what happens if you eat it? Will I need to ring for an ambulance!" Really!!!!!


Good to know. I live in Ireland but husband is from Leigh and his parents are traumatised at the idea of feeding me next time we go over ...


I live in Stevenage and close by just off the A1m tgere is a town called Baldock. there is a pub there that only serves Gluten Free food, the landlord and his wife are both Coeliac.


What's it called?


Eating out is always a problem. Even if the food is gluten free you have to trust that the person serving/preparing it hasn't contaminated it with something that does contain gluten, or using the same knife, etc. Nandos and Leon are good. I have never had a problem there, and I am usually sensitive and know as soon as I have eaten something I shouldn't have.


Never ever 'risk it'. Why put yourself through pain?

Always plan ahead. Dull but necessary. Always have snacks with you so you don't get hungry and tempted to risk it.

Many places are copping onto the gluten free £ and tailoring menus here's some of our faves:

- Zizzi - many main dishes are naturally GF & they do GF pasta - always check the sauce is GF though & always ask for their 'allergy menu' and ask to speak to the mgr when you arrive so they can avoid cross contamination

- Nandos very good as most naturally GF. We discovered our 3 local branches were putting bread in the fryers to make croutons for the salad. We took this up with their head office and they were very good and communicating to all mgrs and branches to avoid this happening again. However we continue to double check when we visit that they haven't been busy and just thrown bread in. Our faves are lemon chicken with fries and macho peas.

- Carluccios - one of the first with a GF menu. They use corn pasta but it's OK.

- Cote Brasserie - a great new and fast expanding chain. French style food with great mgrs who know what contains gluten and what doesn't. Highlights, steak with frites and green beans, veg risotto, moules starter, a varierty of GF desserts. And meals for £9.99 or two courses for £12 mon - friday. Tastes far more expensive than it is.


- great for snacks and bites

- note their cakes aren't separated from gluten cakes so always ask for a wrapped one.

- POD - great chain making healthy fast food.

Love the thai green chicken, sin cakes (lemon & chocolate brownies), sugar and salt popcorn. Most of the GF dishes are pretty spicy which is the only downside for us as we can't tolerate chilli like we used to

Read some more of our reviews on Qype. Why not add yours?


i tend to just look at the menu and pick stuff that is naturally GF, steak and tatties are a common choice, avoid chips due to the fryers, did make a mistake once on ordering fish, realised as soon as i started eating it that it had been dipped in flour (not batter) :(

toby's and harvesters have online menu's that you can check for gluten beforehand, though if you forget and ask for the allergy menu in the resteraunt you normally have to trawl through it to find what you are looking for,

tend to have more luck in the small independant places and recently noticed that a fair amount of garden centres have GF listings on their menu's


I had an e mail from the head office of this pub chain, I had e mailed to them how unhappy I was with the service. In the reply it said I should make the staff aware of my problem and explain to them the inportance and about cross contamination. I have replied saying I do not think that this is my responsibility and I will not be returning to the pub.

Any way

Has anyone eaten at Nandos, is the sauces gluten free and what is it best to eat please?

Thank you.


Nandos are fine, you can order chicken without sauce but most of the sauces are fine and they have a detailed book outlining allergen info.


Nipped via a Burger King and asked if their chips contain gluten.

"Gloo what?"

"Gluten" I replied.

"What's that?"

I explained.

"I'll check with my supervisor"; 5 minutes later, returned. "We think they're alright but we're not sure"

Me: "Goodbye!!!"


Thanks for the info on nandos.

its crap sometimes having to explain all the time. I have a couple more pubs to try then going to start rating them I think.


Like ailsamary I have had more success with small independent cafes or restaurants (and pubs). Somewhere with a proper chef and where they don't just stuff something in a microwave! Have you seen this site?


I live in the south west and I had completely given up eating anything in restaurants or pubs after what seemed like too many mistakes...and too much ignorance. I got fed up explaining and too fed up with baked potato.

Today- Im happy to say- the charity shop I volunteer in had a group meal at a local public house / restaurant and I risked it. I spoke to the chef a few days ago and they provided me with the most wonderful vegetarian, GF meal- my first meal out in a year. I still felt like the spoke in the wheel mind you- out of 23 people the only 'special diet'. The chef knew what GF was and didnt bat a lash- just worked round it. Nothing on the menu mind you.


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