Eating out in TURKEY???

I am a newbie and am looking for knowledge from anyone who has travelled to Turkey who suffers with CD?

My youngest daughter was diagnosed at 15 months, she has just turned 8. We have avoided holidays abroad, opting for Butlins since she was small!! We have finally taken the plunge and embark on a fortnight in Fethiye from May 30th.

We have booked a villa so Self Catering (with the suitcase of supplies I am packing) will be ok, however, I would love to let her experience eating out but am quite worried about her being Glutened as she is sooooo sensitive.

If anyone has any stories (good or bad) i would love to hear from you.

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  • I haven't been to Turkey but have eaten at Turkish restaurants in London several times since going gluten-free, and have always thought it's a good option because often the meat and fish is grilled over a barbecue, sometimes right in front of you, so you can see exactly what you are getting.

    One thing to look out for is that sometimes the rice has pasta mixed into it!

  • Thanks for your thoughts! I have heard that about them mixing tiny orzo pasta into rice! Very useful! I am hoping the grilled meat and fish will be ok. Naomi

  • Hi Megan, I'd print some of these off, they are restaurant cards issued by celiac and are available in many languages and these are in Greek.

    Have a great holiday and let us know how you get on.

  • I have printed the Turkish one off and have it laminated lol! I just hope it says enough for them to understand how serious it is as the site doesn't appear to offer a translation!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.


  • Hya, here's the English version:

  • Thank you, I didn't think to look on the same list for an English card lol! Naomi.

  • I was in Turkey last year and I didn't even bother trying to explain most of the time it was too hard// The cards should help but I was just very careful about what I ordered.. Some of the waiters were up on it though

  • Thank you

  • I've been to turkey a number of times, and the cards will help you out there! I just always stuck to grilled chicken or steak, jacket potato and salad, note everything plain, no dressings etc. It is scary at first going abroad but you can't let it stop you, just make sure you have lots of bread, pasta, biscuits, choc bars, cereal packed as this will keep you going :-) and once you've eaten out you'll know where you've been safe and get comfortable and keep going back to the same places!! :-) enjoy the sun!!! X

  • Thanks. It is hard not to worry as Megan's health is in my hands! I hope we manage the fortnight without her being glutened!

  • Megan, have a look at the english version of the you know what's being said. I actually always have an english one in my purse in case I ever feel the need when I'm out and about here. When I'm abroad I have a load of the cards printed and get them to attach a copy to my order to give to the chef. If you can't find the english version then please let me know and I'll put it on here for you.

    If you get a doc note stating that you need gf food for a medical reason, you can then take a box of food with you that doesn't count as part of your baggage allowance. It travels in the oversize section so is handled with more care(no crushed biscuits or bread that's turned to dust) You can then take all your child's fav foods. I just label my box GF Foods.In fact I take 2 breadboxes worth of stuff. I also phone the airline I'm using to double check with them that's its ok..none have refused. Go direct to them because I have had travel operators get it wrong. You will probably have to pay for the doc note (mine was about £16) but mine is now at least 6 years old and no one yet has asked to see it. I think having the boxes labelled up helps. You'll have a lovely time. I've been all over the place and never have a problem. It is wise to take plenty of snacks and emergency food for in the airport and for during the flight...don't rely on there being a gf meal even if you've paid for one. Have a great time x

  • Thanks for the advice? Easyjet confirmed ok to take a suitcase full but didn't offer to load it separately! Plan to pack Megan a lunchbox for the plane!

  • How's it going

  • You'll find that the loading bit is done at the airport especially if you pack her food in a large labeled box.

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