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This might sound stupid question but what is RCD I was diagnosed with celiac disease and when got results my go wanted to put me on low dose of penicillin for life till it flagged up on his computer that I,m allergic to penicillin as anybody else been put on penicillin he wouldn't tell me why, I,ve changed GPS and these docs are even worse told me I should not eat any glutafin foods want me to make my own bread with rice flour, don,t know if its my CD but I,m bedbound aot know suffer pain in back and legs and can,t sit or stand for long I,m even on morphine and oralmorph for pain relief so I,m unable to bake my own bread have a carer to cook my meals but I don,t eat much as I don,t get much exercise only going bathroom and back or if a good day a trip to tesco,s cause I know they have mobility scooter for me to get around, so for moaning and some of this may not be due to my CD but someone out there maybe the same I do have vit d injection every 3months

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Hi dobido

Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. RCD is refractory Coeliac disease. Are you seeing a consultant to help you with this?

I guess the doctors don’t want you eating the bread because of the additives in it. I rarely eat bread, but have oat cakes or rice cakes sometimes and tend to make pancakes to use as wraps.

There have been some post on RCD which may be helpful to you.


So sorry to hear of your tribulations. if you have not heard what RCD is I have found this Looks like your new Doctors may be on the correct track and you must be scrupulous about removing the offending ingredients. if you see a product with loads of ingredients [heavily processed] avoid it. I have found Glucose syrup, glucose, dextrose etc can be made from wheat and that gets me every time! You need just simple food for now until you get your gut happy. You could try Pro biotics [make certain they are gluten and even dairy free too] Swansons Epic Pro, or research faecal transplants which sound horrendous but if it helps..... Only do that through the NHS though!! You are the expert on you, but you must listen to experts on your condition too and research your condition. Don't go hell for leather - baby steps and see how everything affects you. KBO


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