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Hello friends

I've been on my gluten free diet for a while now and my fatigue is improving and my bathroom problems are improving. But my stomach is still huge and I feel like it's getting bigger. I'm thinking is it because I'm not on the lactose free diet - I have bin told I'm lactose intolerant

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Hi SID123

Am I correct that you have said you have been told your lactose intolerant, but not eliminated lactose from your diet?

Intolerance effect us in different ways.

I went gluten free back in September 17, as I suffered terrible tummy cramps, could hardly move, they would last ages, then for days my tummy felt bruised.

I was badly constipated and awful brain fog. Since going gluten free I felt much better, then noticed that I started with muscle stiffness especially in my fingers and feet and my throat felt like something stuck in my wind pipe.

I made the connection it was dairy products, and later test confirmed lactose intolerance.

I would give it a go and give it up, plenty of lactose substitutes.

Best wishes


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Hi peanut31 Yeh I'm going to give it a go 👍🏼

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After going to c my gp today he checked my records and my problems that still haven't completed gone and said when I go to see my dietician I will be told about starting a lactose free diet ...I'm thinking it's going to be so difficult 😢


Hi peanut31..after seeing the dietician I've been told I have to definitely go on a lactose free diet.im scared il find it too difficult


HI sid23.. It's probably worth tryi g the lactose free route but it can take time for your intestines to calm down. If you had coeliac undiagnosed for a while the gut can't digest lactose but any lactose intolerance should decrease as the gut heals. Good luck.


I’m also lactose & gluten intolerant and find many similarities in the symptoms.

You’ll probably find it easy to avoid lactose having got used to reading food labels.

While it can be hidden in many products including medication, usually tablet form (makes a good packer and sugary coating) and other products like salami, soups etc., labelling is generally much clearer than for gluten.

Remember butter and traditional hard cheeses are safe and soya yogurt is a pleasant alternative to dairy yogurt. So you don’t have to miss out in the same way as with gluten intolerance.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.


I've always thought it'll be a big mission going lactose free but I'm going to try and some of the things you have mentioned sound helpful..thanks

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Sid out supermarkets here in Canada sell lactose free milk , cheese, ice cream etc! Do they sell these products in the Uk if so you could try them!

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