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Does anyone still have problems with iron deficiency anaemia even with the gluten free diet? I seem to still have some absorption problem. Thanks everyone.

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Hi Remainer

The Coeliac site has some useful info, if you haven't already seen it. Hope it helps.


Thank you.👍


Hi, yes I have that problem. I'm not celiac, but gluten, dairy, soya and alcohol intolerant. I have chronic but mild diarrhoea, raynauds and very mild chronic kidney disease but nothing else diagnosed and no auto immune illnesses. If I don't supplement, my iron and b12 levels drop. I've been tested for everything under the sun as far as I can tell but nothing has come up apart from a hiatus hernia during my endoscopy and colonoscopy. I'm waiting for a follow up apt with my gastroenterologist but I'm not holding out much hope as she said that some people just lose iron and they don't know why. Personally I think that's a cop out as I'd like to know why, but I think I may just have to accept I need to supplement. I hope you get to the bottom of your issues. Happy Christmas!


Thanks Julesboz and Happy Christmas to you!

Sounds like you have a lot to deal with. Though they can't find out the source of your anaemia problem 🙁.

It's frustrating when there isn't an answer, because you're left with trying to manage it yourself with supplements.

I have two autoimmune diseaes Coeliac and Pernicious Anaemia (treated with 3 monthly B12 injections). Anaemia is something I've had on and off, mainly on, since being 18. That was a long time ago!!

I've been given an appointment with a dietitian in Feb, to see if they can advise me on how to boost my iron levels in my diet ( I have been vegetarian 25 years +), and perhaps suggest a supplement to take. I'd been having good iron results since my diagnosis of coeliac disesae and switching to a GF diet. Now it's changing again and the iron deficiency is back.

Hope you get some answers soon. Good luck!


I would recommend a gut parasite cleanse. The bad bacteria builds up over time and they take our nutrients. Google rounds worms and threadworms. I’m currently doing a cleanse and feel that my energy levels are increasing slowly. I am also limiting sugar. Good luck!


Thanks for replying. I currently take Iron tablets prescribed by my GP. I have a dietitian appointment in early February. Will discuss it there and see if it's worth pursuing for me. Thanks.


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