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Coelic test?


I just got my results after being back on gluten fr 3 weeks : Tissue transglutaminase IgA level < 0.5 U/mL [< 15.0] - what does this actually mean please?

I've not had dairy, gluten or yeast for 5 years due to my stomach, bowel & candida issues.

Decided it was worth checking.... but I don't understand what the result means... can anyone help please?


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Usually, the gluten challenge, which means going back to eating gluten after a stop, for the purpose of the IgA test, is 6-8 weeks. 3 weeks period is deemed too short.

The result of your IgA is showing as less than 0.5U/ml. According to the range provided by your lab anything less than < 15.0 is negative.

Your results may be a false negative, as you have not given enough time for the buildup of antibodies and may not. There is a need to repeat the test.


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Thanks will try convince my dr. The gastro told them 2 weeks!


The rule of thumb we were given is either 2 weeks of a lot of gluten (several slices of bread a day) or 6 weeks of not very much gluten (1 slice of bread a day).

It could be that you just have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or you may have a false negative. How do you feel being back on the gluten?


Hi thanks for your reply. My gut doesnt seem as bad but my joint and backpain has flared up once more. Its affecting my hormones too. Still avoiding dairy but replacing with coconut milk and plenty of veg.

However, I do have more energy and have managed to put a bit of weight back on.

My allergies seem worse too. I have candida as well which drs say has gone but I'm not convinced. Don't know what to do for the best to be honest....

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If being back on gluten hasn't completely floored you, you can always try eating for another few weeks & getting a home testing kit (I know you get them for about £15 in Lloyd's pharmacy).

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Thanks, I will do that, good idea!


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