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Gluten free dairy free high protein pancakes,

Gluten free dairy free high protein pancakes,

Hi folks, I came across these twice recently with sporting people saying how they started the day with high protein pancakes. They are made with just 2 ingredients, banana's and eggs! And I thought this will not work but made some and they were amazing and so quick and easy to make.

So here's a picture of my first attempt and I used 1 small banana mashed with 1 egg, whisked it all together then cooked it in a pan with hot oil and had 3 small pancakes for supper and they taste like pancakes and are delicious and would make a fantastic breakfast. Perfect for camping too, not like the weather...

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They look and sound yummy Jerry thanks for sharing.

I had pancake for breakfast:

I mashed banana

I tablespoon coconut flour

2 tablespoons desiccated coconut

Served with a tablespoon of solid coconut milk. Deeeeeelicious!


Thanks Jerry, just had breakfast of scambled eggs and wish I hd seen your post first so I could have tried your pancakes!! But there's always tomorrow!

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I've made them before - they were pretty good. It's a good reminder - I must make them again. The tricky bit is getting bananas that are soft enough (and before they turn black).


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