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Constantly hungry!

Hi all, I’m wainting for BTresults for celiac.

I have had constant bloating and stomach pain for around 5 Months now. I am hungry all the time and find myself wanting to binge on things that contain gluten, has this happened to anyone else?

If my tests come back normal I’m considering going gluten free as I’m so sure this is the answer to all my problems.

I’m tired all the time, I struggle to get up in the morning. I’ve suffered with headaches and iron deficiency since I was a teen (I’m now 28)

In the last 5 Months I’ve also been have hot flushes/dizziness while at work.

Has anyone been similar to this and it’s been celiac? I just want to eat everything in sight 😩😩

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You mentioned iron deficiency, maybe its worth you getting retested to make sure that isnt causing you problems. B12 folate and ferritin, vitamin d and possibly magnesium and calcium too.


Hopefully if it’s anything like this it will show up on the bloods as he took 6 lots! I’m havzing a full mot by the looks of it.


Yes...that was me.

My Aunt ( who has it as well as FM suggested I have blood tests 5 years ago ( due to low energy /iron ) that came back negative. 6 months ago I was diagnosed though a colonoscophy and endoscopy. Since I have given up gluten I now have loads more energy.

However I still battle with feeling full.

I have joined Coeliac support groups through fb.

Im learning stuff there also.

Great recipes too


Thank you Kelly1064 this makes me feel better that I’m not alone with the hunger and tiredness. I’ve got another week to wait for the results and it’s really dragging.


Have you had any thyroid tests? Many with auto-immune hypothyroid share your symptoms and are intolerant of gluten. Excellent thyroid group here healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk


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