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Hi, this is my first time posting here. I'd like to know if anybody has had a gastroscopy done under general anaesthetic. I've attempted to have it done twice under sedation and with just the throat spray but there is no way it's going to happen.

I really need to have it done to get a definitive answer to what's going on so that I can stop eating gluten again.

Thank you for reading this.

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Hi Loobylou28, I had sedation with a local anaesthetic which knocked me out when I had an upper and lower endoscopy, this is different from a general but to the patient it knocks you out and when you come around its all over. The secret is to tell the consultant when they book you in that you want to be knocked out for the procedure.

This has come up on here before so heres some previous posts, please see:

And good luck as it's worth finding out for sure and you're in good company on here.

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Hi Jerry, thank you for your reply and the link.

Hi Lou. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy performed 3 weeks ago under general after the first time went horrribly wrong and I ended up pulling the tubes out my throat even under sedation. I have pretty bad anxiety and anything going down my throat makes me think I can't breathe. There's nothing to say apart from you're out for the count completely lol. Wake up feeling a bit rubbish and then have some tea and toast. Still waiting on my results

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Hi Libby,

I did reply before but it didn't post for some reason. I've had two attempts at the gastroscopy so far, the first was with both sedation and throat spray but like you I pulled the tube out. The second was tried with throat spray only but there is no way that was happening. I think there is something completely unnatural about somebody trying to put a tube down your throat especially if you're claustrophobic and suffer with anxiety for things like this, feeling like you can't breathe and being able to feel the tube is not good.

I am now waiting for another appointment to come through to have it done under general, it's the way it will definitely happen.

Thank you so much for your reply and I hope you get your results soon.

Lou x

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libby37 in reply to Loobylou28

Yeah there's nothing good about endoscopy if you have anxiety. The nurse's were trying to hold me down and that made me feel even more claustrophobic! Truly awful experience. I've had iron deficiency twice in the last year and also now have a folate deficiency. To begin with it started off with major acid reflux that eventually lead to not being able to swallow foods properly like they were all sticking to my throat. Abdominal pain every single day but like knives going through my intestines and constipation. Migraines weird tingling in all my limbs and generally feeling lol utter rubbish. The surgeon said there was no bleeding and everything appeared normal but that means nothing because I'm I'm microscopic level is where it counts. I'm on all sorts of vitamins and iron tablets because my ferritin was so low at 8 or 6 I think it was. I've quit all wheat and gluten products and all my pain has gone although I'm still having migraines. I don't care if it even came back negative all I know is that It won't be eating anything with wheat ever again. I know my body and that for whatever reason I can't digest these grains. I think you really need to have this done for your own peace of mind. I'm glad they didn't find anything bad on the first visuals and no apparent bleeding. Are you having a colonoscopy too? Xx

I had mine done with the throat spray it was horrible. If I had to have another I would opt for anaesthetic. It is difficult to advise someone else, not an easy solution. Best wishes.

I've had several done now and all were with heavy sedation, so heavy that I wasn't anywhere near awake. Mine were actually done by my Cardiologist even though they were for gastric problems, he knows me well and is fully aware of my anxieties and also my resistance to sedation. Maybe I've just been lucky so far but I'm happy with how my procedures have handled, I hope you get the correct formula for your procedure.

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