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celiac disease

I have now been coeliac a year and this month I will be having a return visit to my consultant.

I just wonder what he will say , has anybody had a return visit .???

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Mine was just over a year diagnosed when i saw mine again. I told him i was strict gf but still had many of the same problems i had at diagnosis so im due to go for another endoscopy at the end of this month.

if you feel ok/ better for being gf then i guess you will more than likely be ' signed off' as a success. But consultants are a law unto themselves!


I was diagnosed ten years ago and I see a consultant every year, not because I have had continuing problems, but because it is what should happen according to all the specialists I've seen over the years.

We discuss my diet which is totally GF of course, and I usually have blood tests done as well.

Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, because the first seven years I was under Barnet Health Authority, and the last three years I have been under Shropshire Health Authority and the treatment has been superb.

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I found out for myself that I had problems with cows milk and fructose so I believe you should experiment with yourself to get the best results...i am feeling great with a high fibre diet even used grains from aldi.



In my experience you could be sent for an updated panel of blood tests to see how you are responding to your new diet/lifestyle. If so, the Ttg antibody test is certainly going to be amongst these.

It's your opportunity to discuss how you are getting on and bring up any issues that are not yet resolved.

Good luck!


Correct i have just a blood test before I see my consultant,

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