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Hi all I'm a long time vegetarian and have just found I am now wheat gluten and the more difficult one...msg...monosodium glutamate intolerant...yrying to find gluten free with no msg is s nightmare

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Hi, cooking from scratch and sticking to naturally gluten free foods is usually the best way to avoid additives. If the problem is TVP, perhaps have a look for soya in different forms, such as endamame or fermented products, or use other sources of protein like chickpeas.


Oh thank you for reply...i do a lot of home cooked from scratch food but as I have fibromyalgia its difficult the msg is a difficult one as you know manufacturers can hide it under other names which is a list as long as your arm...ive found things like sauces and gravy stock that are gluten free also have this dreaded additive it just makes life more difficult


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