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Is this gluten issues?

Afternoon, I have autoimmune liver issues and underactive thyroid and peri menopausal. I have been struggling with itching (doc thinks this is probably due to bile building in body as my immune system thinks my bile ducts are foreign). I am noticing that if I eat bread I get upset tummy, need to go to toilet and notice I get hot and sweaty. Also tops of my arms are bumpy raised white spots like chicken skin. I have been tested years ago and had endoscope but not sure if they checked for gluten issues. Blood test came back negative. Are my symptoms gluten related? Thanks Sx

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Hi silvers, sadly if only diagnosis was this easy! so I'm sorry about your issues and I'm sure that you know that the standard test for CD is an endoscopy with a biopsy. You've had some tests which came back negative implying that you don't have CD. But if something makes you ill then avoid it.

When you say you have autoimmune liver issues I'm assuming that this is autoimmune hepatitis, so this may interest you as it is claimed here that a gluten free diet can indeed benefit those with autoimmune liver issues, if you scroll down the page, please see:

There are many articles about liver disease being greatly helped by a gluten free diet so my opinion is if it works for you then do it and if I've got the wrong end of the stick and am talking crap then I'm sorry.

The one thing that I think is important is if you do go gluten free then eliminate all gluten rather than just bread and see if you do feel better.

And good luck with it all.

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Thanks Jerry, I have Primary Biliary Cirhosis (PBC) which is an autoimmune liver disease where my immune system is attacking bile ducts in my liver. Thanks for the info. I am wanting to take out all gluten, wheat and dairy when I get my act together. Thanks again. Sx


Hi again I forgot to mention that turmeric is very beneficial to our livers, please see:

I'd also click on ''health benefits of turmeric'' in the same article.

My cousin went down with something similar to you earlier this year and no one told her how good turmeric is for the liver, (well I did LOL) I use turmeric in gravies and to marinate meat so was really pleased to see just how healthy it is. So you don't have to just add it to curries. If you have an Asian shop near you, you can buy turmeric labelled as ''Haldi powder" which's is ground turmeric and you get a much bigger bag than in a silly little jar and it is much cheaper.

So as well as looking at foods to avoid for liver issues it's worth introducing ones that can help us feel better, me thinks.


Hi Silvers,

If you have cirrhosis of the liver and you suspect it could be gluten related; then you might find Tom O'Bryan's story interesting. He can be found on YouTube and if you look hard you may be lucky enough find him telling the story about his godmother.

I believe he is also a member of this community but he hasn't been noticeably active here for some time. He has his own website called

As you've already sought medical advice, then you've probably nothing to lose by trialling a dairy and gluten free diet. If you going to do this, then please watch that you are getting sufficient calcium, B12, vitamin D and trace minerals into your diet. You must also remember to eat plenty of green vegetables. It probably wouldn't hurt to try and seek proper support from a dietician if you can.

Going gluten and dairy free is quite a culture shock at first, but if it works for you then it might be a trade-off thats worth all the initial difficulties.

Good luck.


Thanks for the info Regalbirdy. I just had a fibro scan and my liver is in good condition. It is my immune system that is attacking my bile ducts that is cussing the horrible itching (puritis). Thankfully it has reduced a lot over the last week. My GP is going to arrange appointment with dietician. I will go and have a look at Tom O'Bryan's story. Thanks for your help. Sx


I am not a doctor. However people who are not ceoliac but do have problem with wheat. I advise you to go to your GP to have more tests to confirm. (do not cut out wheat from your diet before test) This stops you getting a proper diagnosis.


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