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Beware of Familiar Restaurants

Went to a restaurant weve visited many times before this weekend because they are very good with gluten free frood, the owner is coeliac and their gf fish and chips is superb! Thought it strange after ordering our meal that the waiter dictated a long line of disclaimers regarding 'gluten free' and the risks. He told me the food I had ordered had no gluten containing ingredients but when I asked if they used seperate oil for frying he said they didn't. He reckoned that the high temperature of the oil would destroy the gluten. It then became clear that the restaurant was under new ownership. He said they'd pan fry my fish and serve it with oven chips. It was terrible. I tried to give another waiter my (expired) Coeliac UK card to give to the chef to check out coeliac disease. The first waiter, claiming to be the owned, returned with my card and we got intio a big argument; me telling him that he didn't understand what 'gluten free' meant. We will not be returning there. I've told CUK, as it appears on their venue list. My advice now, to all you coeliacs, is to always ask if the venue has the same management as before when you book a return visit to a restaurant.

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I once walked out of a restaurant because the waiter informed me that their fryers 'killed' the gluten.

I complained and left a bad review.

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Thanks, I had some chips last week from a take away my daughter had ordered, thinking that the oil would destroy the gluten and suffered for it.


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