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im new

Hi everyone great to find this site,i am a member of others on here too but just found this one,i have been a diagnosed coeliac for over 8 years now,i am 54 and female,i was in my 40s when i found out what was causing a lot of problems,fatigue,weightloss,low bone density,anaemia etc,i must say i have now got to grips with eating gluten free,but still learning,it takes a long time to accept eating a different way,i found a few times that i was eating what were originally classed as gluten free foods,then manufacturers would change ingredients,and i did not realise i was contaminating myself with gluten again,so i do check everything on any packaging i buy just to be sure,when i first was diagnosed i used to spend hours in the supermarket it was so daunting knowing i had to eat no gluten,i do not think about it too much now,you do get used to any situation eventually,especially when it makes you feel better,and there is so much more choice now,even if some of it tastes like bird food and nearly chokes you,i now have another problem,i have put about 2 stone on since being diagnosed,as specialist said your body craves food and vitamins and after eating gluten free and intestines heal the body stores all the fat it has craved for when you were ill,so i now have to lose weight,not easy for me as i love chocolate,so just want to say keep well fellow gluten frees and hope it gets easier for you

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If you want to lose weight, it's probably a good idea to avoid having too much supermarket ready made gluten-free food, as it tends to be highly processed and often full of sugar. Try sticking to lots of different vegetables and protein, and make sure any carbs you eat are high fibre and low GI.

There are lots of gluten free recipes on line if you need them.


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