Waitrose cheese?

Have just looked at a Waitrose blue cheese label which says it lists allergens in bold. Wheat is not there but it is not labelled gluten free either. I need to make a gf cheese plate for my book group, can anyone help? Should I be pretty safe if I do no blue cheeses and (obvs) no grated cheeses, just cheddar, goat's etc? I was hoping to do something a little more well-rounded and fancy but don't want to take any chances.

Would be very grateful if someone has a link re gf cheeses, either brands or types of cheese and gf cultures.

Relishes/chutneys and biscuits are more straightforward I think, it's the blinking cheese that is mysterious. :-)

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  • coeliac.org.uk has a food directory. Hopefully it could be helpful - have not checked ☺

  • Thanks Marz but I see my membership has lapsed. :-(

  • Perhaps you could go onto the Waitrose website for more information? There is some debate about the medium used to grow the mould used in blue cheeses, could be bread, but grated cheese now usually has potato starch in it and will state what ' flour' has been used. As cheese is made from dairy products which are naturally gluten free, they don't usually need labelling as such.

    This is one site which is American, but might be useful. Probably a good idea to google each cheese you want to use.


    Hope you enjoy your book group.

  • Thanks very much. I had already gone on the website (no use whatsoever) and looked at some cheese I had in the house (also no use).

    That link (thank you, very helpful) and a similar one I read both said more or less the same thing, that blue cheese is ok (or perhaps a matter of personal choice if you prefer to avoid it) and that the main culprits are flavoured and shredded cheeses.

    Thank you, tbh I'm dreading it a bit (I'm hosting and there's a lot of cleaning and tidying to do before Fri) but I have decided to cut down on the faffing by just doing something simple instead of a meal, which will make it easier. I love the social aspect of it but I find the hosting tiring. I sound like such an old woman, I'm sure it will be fine. :-)

  • Have you tried going via the home shopping website route, they should have all the info regarding the product on there?

  • Thanks, yes I did. Info is sporadic.

    Wookey Hole cheddar is said to contain only milk (as the only ingredients and in bold as an allergen) but then as a special 'safety warning' (?) it says 'Warning: Pork fat is used to form the protective non edible rind.' The listing for Colston Bassett Stilton says it is suitable for vegetarians and has a subheading 'Dietary & Lifestyle: Vegetarian, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free, Wheat Free.' That subheading only appears under certain (random) products.

    I understand why it is such a mess, it must be a nightmare for the retailer, but doing it sloppily is almost worse than not doing it at all.

  • For me being celiac means both gluten protein (wheat, barley, rye) free as well as casein protein (all dairy) free.

    These two proteins are very similar and give me the same symptoms.

    Might I suggest a nice salsa or guacamole dip instead of any cheese.

    For me milk, yogurt, butter, cream, ghee, sour cream etc any kind of whey protein are just as bad as gluten

  • Sorry to hear that. I have already promised a cheese plate (weeks ago) so that's what I'll make. We have in my group one coeliac, one person who can't eat butter, one vegetarian, someone allergic to champagne, oysters and strawberries and one allergic to crustacea, but everyone in the group enjoys cheese. :-)

    We usually have a meal and everyone brings a plate, which they are free to do if they want or require something else.

  • The levels of wheat residue in blue cheese (from the culture) are minuscule - I researched it years ago before I gave up dairy). If you buy packet cheese it will be fine unless it says wheat /gluten as an allergen. I run a gf house and my husband loves cheese- I've never yet had to forbid a cheese from entering!

  • But if you have a vegetarian, and they eat dairy, look out for cheeses made with vegetable rennet.

  • Yes, thanks, that is labelled clearly on the packaging. The Ocado website was helpful in letting me know that Wookey Hole cheddar has pork fat in the inedible rind! But it only approaches the gluten issue sporadically. :-)

  • I have used manchengo Spanish cheese. I find thats a good cheese to use for gluten free

    Get mine from Tesco. 😊

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