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Cracked rib

Three weeks ago I was putting the newspapers out at work. I bent down, felt a pressure and then a sharp pain. It was sore for a while but then seemed to go. After fitting a caret this weekend I felt very sore again, so much so I decided I had to go to the doctor. Turns out I had cracked a rib. Last year I had a bone density check which eventually I found out said it was normal for a man my age. The results were received by my dietician but not passed on to my doctor.

My doctor is now asking for the bone density report so he can see whether this could be a cause of the cracked rib.

I always try to take milk or yoghurt with my meals.

This is a worry.

Looking on the coeliac uk site I saw there was a study into whether it is lack of calcium that weakens the bones or is to do with the immune system.

I will have to see what my doctor makes of the report and also the blood tests that he sent me for.

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Just a thought for you to consider - 2 years ago I was suffering rib pain right right around my rib cage. I thought at first I'd strained something while doing some heavy gardening, but it didnt improve. At an appointment with my endocrinogist about my thyroid problems I happened to mention the rib pain and he immediately got me tested for vitamin d, and I was found to be edging towards deficiency. Since taking a vitamin d supplement the rib pain has cleared up completely. I know this is not the same problem you are experiencing, but I think a deficiency could ultimately end up with weakening of the ribs and might make the sort of fracture you had more likely?

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Hi tygfuz,

About 4 years ago, I was fighting off a cold and had a bad cough. In fact, I was coughing so hard, that I cracked my 9th & 10th rib. Initially, I didn't know what had happened. However, the pain was so severe that I called my primary care physician. She immediately said, oh - you probably just broke a rib. Sure enough she was right... I have Osteopenia & try to stay on top of my Vitamin D. A lab test 5 years ago, showed low vitamin D. This past year, I've also started using concentrace mineral drops and Cod Liver Oil (not castor oil) - and that seems to be helping as well.

Hang in there - it's great that you're investigating the situation. If you find out anymore info., please pass it along to us.


Vit D is really important, get your levels checked. Check out Holick's D-lightful lecture on youtube, it's long but very informative.


I am prescribed Calcichew with D3. Just the tablet alone did nothing for my bones, they remained like honeycomb. I stopped wheat a couple of years later because of stomach pains and my following dexa scan showed my bones had improved. I am waiting for another dexa scan because it's been 5 years now but am convinced the wheat/gluten was causing my bone problem. We are all different - who knows??


Thanks for all your replies. I would never have thought vitamin D was so important for bones.

I will get to know more from my doctor within next 2weeks. Will get back to you then and let you know what he says.

Reply for interesting information. looks old fashioned but full of little gems and tells you about understanding your blood test results ! It needs to be high in the range. VitD is a pre-steroidal hormone and low levels are found in most people with ongoing chronic or serious illneses. VitD drops maybe better if you have absorption problems. You can buy from Amazon or ......


Just been told I have oesteopenia. Annoying that i was told my bone density was normal for a man my age by the dietician, but when the doctor is able to get hold of the report(now 18months old) he says oesteopenia.

Been given tablets 'Adcal-D3' giving 600mg of calcium twice a day.

Can't wait till my ribs have healed. should be able to start running again then.

Thanks for all your support and posts.


I have osteopina and am coeliac. I could not take adcal d3 as made my bones really painful because of the wheat (filler) in the tablets. They are a cheaper alternative to Calcichew which I am now back on. I have been on Calcichew for 8 years and it was only when I was diagnosed as WF that my bones now show an improvement. I am presently campaigning my local MP to get medication ingredient labelled as pain killers cause me all sorts of discomfort.


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