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Hi guys!

My OH is still in the process of being diagnosed - positive blood test but still waiting on the biopsy. Still getting our heads around everything that'll have to go, and where is safe to eat. He's into craft beers though, and pretty gutted about that one.

I don't know what gluten free beer will be like, but found this article earlier, for anyone else who's interested:

I don't know if anyone knows of any other good, gluten free beers? It'll be his birthday around the time of the biopsy, so it'd be a good gift!

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  • Hi Cooper

    I don't drink beer, but there have been several discussions on here about it. Use the search box top right to find past posts.

  • My favourite is Vagabond by Brewdog. It's a tasty IPA brewed in Scotland and available in Tesco and others. Daura by Damm is a decent lager you can find in several supermarkets.

  • Drink cider!

  • think its time to introduce him to cider. There are loads of craft ones available. Micro breweries that are seeming to crop up in a lot of towns often have some available.

  • Old Speckled Hen gluten free version is available in Tesco, plus an IPA beer from same brewery if he likes craft beers, plus more available online. Bit pricey though when you add delivery. I was told to drink cider when I was diagnosed but when you like your beers (like me) it just isn't the same. Treat him, he'll love you for it!

  • Yeah, he's like you - told to drink cider, but it just doesn't tickle his boat as much.

    Nice to see more truly gluten free brands are emerging, rather than 'gluten removed'.

  • I was diagnosed about ten years ago and was/still am a big real ale fan and struggled to find any decent GF beers, but now there are many GF beers available.

    I have started my own campaign for GF real ale, and here's the link to my Facebook page where you will find plenty of info on GF beers.

    All is not lost, some of my local pubs now have GF bottled beers permanently, and they also have cask real ale quite regularly because of my campaign.

    I'm hoping that in a few years time it will be the norm for all pubs to stock GF beers just like many restaurants have GF and veggie menu's etc..

    Here is a link to The Gluten Free shop which is a great place to order many GF beers.

  • Thanks - this is really helpful!

    We have lots of craft breweries nearby thankfully, (West, drygate and some brewdog bars too) but I've not yet gotten as far as figuring out if they have a properly gluten free offering. Your links are great though!

  • Your welcome

  • One of My local supermarkets, Booths, has GF beer on shelf in bottles. There must be mail order GF beer. Even GF beer disagrees with me, so I have always drunk cider. Branded ciders for some reason colour their cider with caramel (which is E150). And the caramel is derived from something disagreeable.

    In UK, drinks do not list their contents. By experimentation, found agreeable drinks.

    Over the years, you learn what drinks are made of. Back in the day, I visited Dunkertons cider makers.

  • Dura is gluten free or 0.01% free so might be ok try with caution as I have tried it and found it to taste like the real thing but found it too strong for this light weight. I've been enjoying the IPA and speckled hen recently but it's and ale.

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