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Gluten Free Beer on tap? There is hope!

Gluten Free Beer on tap? There is hope!

A quick post. Then we promise to resume normal business as usual blogging about proper health related stuff. After a week of new gluten free bread launches (Warburton's & Fria if you've missed the buzz around this), I just had to post after I heard this news....

NEWS:........A local pub in Newcastle Upon Tyne is actually selling gluten free beer on draught tonight!

Yep - don't fall over. We've hunted high and low in the team to try and find such a rare pub in the UK to no avail. So we thought it worthy of a little blog post. The details: The Free Trade Arms, St Lawrence Road, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, NE6 5ST. They are keen to see if it's a success and propose future evenings. So if you're live near - why not pay it a visit. The beer they are selling is one I hadn't heard of yet (Against the Grain, ale) it's received great reviews by beer bloggers like this one: thebottledbeeryear.blogspot...


Firstly what a great name huh? How often is Free From 'special' foods n drinks for Coeliacs dull and worthy? This has a ka-pow by name and nature (judging by the beer blogger's raving review!).

Sadly it's only sold in some key places in Yorkshire - but can buy it online!! Their website states:

"Against the Grain is Britain’s first and favourite gluten free beer. Made from maize,malt, hops and yeast, it is a premium, full flavoured bitter beer with a good, creamy head, refreshing bitterness and a citrus hop after taste. It has an ABV of 4.5% and its gluten content is certified at to be well below the Codex standard of 20ppm. Test certificates are available for each brew. Declared as ‘the most beer like’ of all of the gluten free and low gluten beers in taste tests, Against the Grain is available at selected retailers throughout Yorkshire and online via the website."

Now I know some GF beers aren't worth the extra expense and taste like fizzy water yet this one has also received some awards:

- Winner of SIBA North Gold Award for speciality beers Nov 2009

- Highly Commended in the Free From Awards 2010

Sadly I can't whizz up North to sample it myself - so I have emailed Waitrose Customer Services (they love such exotic beers don't they?) and I've begged them to consider stocking it! Hint - if others feel so inclined you can also email them here:

If you'd like to order it online the website says:

'Pack of 12 Against the Grain (Gluten FREE Beer) - £30 inc delivery' So still pricier than normal beers yet maybe worth it if you club in with a Coeliac pal?

Postscript: I've discovered that the beer is available in some supermarkets in E Yorkshire, NE Lincs. So check your Waitrose's if you live near those...


Now is probably a good time to throw in some health related notes about the dangers of alcohol over consumption - yadda yadda. Yet we're sure you're all clued up on such things. If not have a peek at NHS choice's site. They actually do have a very nifty phone app where you can track your drinking. Dead handy what with all the new measures and trendy glasses it can be easy to think you've had 1 unit when it's actually more like 3!

See here:


Now we'd love your suggestions for some blogs. Topics we have lined up so far for future blogs include:

- Vitamin D - what is it, why is it, why the hell is it important to Coeliacs (along with why the hell are the liquid injections so hard to get hold of?)

- Coeliac Health checks - what should you be being tested for annually?

- The most Coeliac friendly airlines & countries in the world..

- Coeliacs & other autoimmune diseases

- Coeliacs & depression

What else would you like us to cover in our blogs?

PS Don't forget to ask a question on the Helpvine! If you'd prefer that we make this open access to everyone not just the admins can post get typing and say so... Thanks!

LINKS: (GF brewers at a market near you in 2011!)

Online ordering:

In case there are any cynics out there we're just dead keen to show that you can live healthily gluten free and still enjoy some of life's vices from time to time ; )

5 Replies

i'll be off to newcastle straight away then!


Oh yes hurry ! Don't forget to ask for flasks of it for all the rest of the members ; )


Would love to see this available locally in Bedford Fiona. Getting fed up with cider.


I've spoken to the supplier - let's see what we can do ! They were dead impressed we'd heard of them.


PS I hate Cider. Sadly I have teenage memories of Diamond White! So most Cider tastes tacky or too sweet for me. Plus wine can be too heavy sometimes. Or Spirits too much. Hey ho - if only Guinness would release a GF one. I have heard that S Gum from S A frica Guinness is GF. Here's to the future.


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