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Coeliac or gluten intolerant? Advice please

Hello, new member here. :)

I have had some problems getting diagnosed for Coeliac. I also have autoimmune thyroiditis diagnosed 3 years ago.

My first endo tested me for coeliac the same day she ordered the test. It came back negative. I then got tested for it again by my GP and I had a gut biopsy when I did the gluten challenge for 6 days. Both came back as negative.

I don't know if it's worth getting checked for Coeliac again but my vitamins and minerals especially folate has dropped out of range and I am getting an increase in digestive symptoms since I have been including more gluten into my diet 3 months ago. Should I just not worry about getting tested again? One GP has said he doesn't want to put me through any more biopsies.


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Did your b12 get tested?


Thankyou my B12 has been tested and so far as I know it is in range. I will need to ask for a printout.


If easting gluten gives you stomach & other issues, then it seems logical to cut it out of your diet. If you have tested negative for coeliacs, then yes you are probably ncgs ie non coeliac gluten sensitive. In any event, the result is the same, cut out gluten & keep an eye on your vit d & b12 levels.

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Hi babe patricia here if you have had a gut biopsy for testing for celiac disease & it does come bak negative I still would not rule out celiac disease becouse my sister had refractory coeliac disease for yrs even after every blood test its a complicated disease becouse it has so many horrible symptoms that it could to any automunne disease but eaten gluten thats the one the causes the villi in the gut more damange all I can say babe is you must have strong antibiotics like my sister that keeps you from getting a possitive diagnosis I was so ill before they found out I had celiac disease they kept tellen me it was ibs for 10yrs untill I lost so much weight & needed a blood transfusion right away becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten so go back to yur doctors & if you go gluten free its going to take yrs for them to find it you will have to eat loads of gluten to get a possitive diagnosis sorry to be blunt cos the symptoms are hell when you eat gluten but then they will find it sooner take care patricia


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