Gluten, Episcleritis, Iritis and Uveitis and Diverticulitis

My husband was diagnosed as having Gluten Enteropathy several years ago after cycling through eye conditions. We figured it out ourselves! He was recently diagnosed with Diverticulitis and I think years of eating gluten not knowing he was allergic was the cause of the pouches forming and bacteria and sugar created diverticulitis. Just wondering how many others who were "silent celiacs" developed diverticulitis?

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  • Hi Mamacpj, many illnesses are linked to coeliac and gluten and diverticulitis has come up before on here and other HU sites, please see:

    And heres a link to posts about iritis:

    I think the main thing is that your hubby has at last been diagnosed, many of us had long journeys to a diagnosis, with me it was 12+ years so your hubby is not alone and if he wants to chat to others with similar issues he's in good company on here and I hope that he benefits from a gluten free diet and feels better soon. At least CD is treated with diet and not medication.


  • Thanks for the links Jerry! My husband was only diagnosed as being allergic to gluten because I remembered his mom having eye issues in her 50s; shortly after that she too was diagnosed celiac. She had issues for years before they figured it out. Her issues were arthritis and she too has eye issues. My husband was seeing a specialist for his eyes and she was giving him steroid drops that gave him nosebleeds and he could smell "rotting flesh" (that is when I got scared and started doing my own research). The diverticulitis was diagnosed recently (by a doctor) because of an attack; however, I truly believe he had the pouches for years because he was eating gluten for 40+ years not knowing he was allergic. When he was younger he would get big boils (thought it was acne) on his back. Finally got rid of that by taking Acutane. That's what I think is terrible, is that we take pills to stop symptoms and don't realize there is more to it than stopping the symptoms (I believe our body talks to us through symptoms). If we continue to eat wheat/gluten when allergic and take a pill to stop the symptoms, we end up with other conditions. That is what happened to my husband. Now you hear that there is research being done so people can eat gluten. That makes no sense! If we think about what does wheat/gluten do for us? It just pleases the taste buds, there is no food value in it.

  • I was also a previously "silent coeliac" who developed diverticulitis, and suffered a range of symptoms before a full diagnosis of Coeliac Disease, so can well understand your husband's position. I was told that those years of eating gluten were definitely a contributory factor to the pouches of bacteria formed, as well as acute anaemia. Being on an gluten free diet for the last 6 years, and exercise aimed at strengthening the abdomen has definitely helped though. So following this course of action is definitely recommended.

  • Hi babe patricia here my sister had the silent coeliac for years & suffered really bad with it then they sed she had so much damage with digesting gluten then told her she has now divicurtistis she manages it the best she can doctors are not sympathetic when she goes to see them so she has gud days & bad days she dusent go out far incase of accidents she takes for the dyria loperamide they help her not be on the toilet so much with the spasms & pain tell yur husband babe to take little steps each day thats wat I do I have ghat horrible coeliac disease I call it my evil pathogen disease with seven legs take care patricia

  • Patricia, not sure when you were diagnosed; however, my husband was given Flagyl and Cipro antibiotics. If you research these 2 meds, you will see that they cause a lot of issues; however, they are the best of 2 evils (taking the pills is a must to get rid of the bacteria). However, the doctors and pharmacist did not tell my husband he should be taking probiotics 2 hours after he takes his meds. They kill not only bad bacteria, but the good as well. Your gut is then in a mess. Another thing I've read recently is he must drink bone marrow broth. We were told this by a natural health caregiver as well previously; however, he was not consistent in drinking it. He will be now. He does have diarrhea right now from the meds; however, he notices on the days that he drinks the bone broth, it is not as watery. Kombucha is another product that should be taken after antibiotics, that and fermented vegetables. They are expenses so learning how to make these things yourself is the best way to go about it.

  • I decided to make a video about my husband's journey starting with finding out about having an allergy to gluten and his latest diagnoses of diverticulitis. I am hoping to connect with others who have learned how to control the attacks and to share knowledge on healing the colon. I was so happy to find this forum and actually get replies. I will post my video for others who are interested in his journey. I also have a Facebook Page for recipes. If the recipe is in video format and you don't want to watch a video, click "Show More" below the video and you will see the recipe in words. I recently switched to photos with the recipe on my FB Page.

    Link to video explaining my husband's journey.

    Link to my Facebook Page Making it Gluten Free. If you see a GF beside an item, that means you have to confirm it is gluten free.

    I hope to hear from others on how you control "attacks" and/or have healed your colon. Bone Marrow Broth, seems to be helping my husband as it relates to controlling watery diarrhea.

  • Hi babe you cudent do any better than making a bone broth for yur husband it i has amazen properties for building the immune system so well done I suffered really bad with ibs for ten yrs thinking it was that but after about 5 more yrs of never away from the hospital with agony pain & just sent home with paracetamol sayen it was ibs untill I got so ill & had to have a urgent blood transfusion becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten I lost so much weight & was a shell of my self I had so much damage caused by eaten gluten in my intestine I am just steadily gainen a little weight so take care hun & bone broth is the answer to rebuild any automunne disease

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