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Good Experience in Theme Parks

I recently traveled to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida and I found that the restaurants in both parks were very accommodating to my food restrictions. When I asked about gluten free options the staff would invariably call over a manager or a chef to work with me to make sure my food was safe. It was a little more time consuming, but very helpful. They even had gluten free hot dog and burger buns available, so I wasn't having to eat a completely different type of meal as the rest of my party.

I hadn't really expected to be able to dine at either park, so it was a welcome surprise that I could have something other than the gluten free protein bars which I had brought with me. (By the way, it turns out protein bars are the same density as C4 and a half-dozen of them in your suitcase will cause the TSA to want to look in your bag.)

I just wanted to share my positive park experience. :)

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Made your wonderful holiday just that bit more lovely and memorable for all the right reasons.


I too went to Disney, Florida about 3 years ago and was very pleasantly surprised at the availability of GF food in the parks, wonderful joining everyone else in a gf hamburger. When we went for the day to Discovery Cove (breakfast, lunch and snacks provided) I was assured beforehand that I would be catered for, but was still a little anxious. However at breakfast, buffet style, on enquiring they brought the chef out to me who told me all was ok except for a couple of items, he then proceeded to bring me two packaged trays of 'morning snacks' , then again at lunchtime he came out with two more trays. Needless to say after a more than adequate breakfast and lunch I took the snacks home with me, very useful for the rest of my holiday.


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