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I am 39 suddenly has uveitis for two years in both eyes they constantly flare up once every fortnight. Taking Steroid tablet up to 35-40 mg to stable my vision, 10-15mg last for a fortnight and it flare up again. I also try Methotrexate and mycrofenolate . I also diagnosed with Latent TB and the treatment took 9 months blood test came back good but the eyes symptom regress then the doctor treat the Tb again another 6 months result persist. Then I had biopsy for TB , fungus etc.. all came back negative. Then my wife spoke with the psychic (Amanda) about my health without telling her about my condition and the psychic said my condition relate to my diet. I try eating Gluten free just like magic , now three months my condition is stable but the damage has been done both eyes got carteract due to a tons of steroid I took.

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Glad to hear that going gluten free has stabilised the uveitis flare ups. It's a rotten condition, especially if it's in both eyes. I've only had it in one eye and only a few flare ups. I have had a one or two flare ups, while being gluten free, which the eye specialist suggested were related to stress. I've had a lens replaced , it was quick and painless and has improved my vision in that eye.

I hope your health continues to improve.


I find that really interesting. I've had Uveitis on and off for twenty years, mine is behind the right eye. I've had numerous steroid injections into the eye and also use steroid eye drops daily. I have a cataract forming because of the steroid use too. What is interesting is that over the last six months I've been eating a reduced gluten diet for something unrelated and also a dairy free diet for nearly two years. During the last six months I haven't had a single flare up which is extremely unusual, I hadn't linked the dots until I read your post. I really hope it's the gluten reduced diet that has help, thankyou for bringing this to my attention. I'm a very happy bunny right now 😁


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